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[DS]: Half-Life Server
[DS]: Half-Life Server

[DS]: CS:S GunGame v34 Server
[DS]: CS:S GunGame v34 Server

[DS]: CS:S v34 Server
[DS]: CS:S v34 Server


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Чистая версия Counter-Strike Source v34 с рабочими ботами и поиском серверов. Вы можете подключится к любому серверу с любой мод...
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Этот плагин добавляет на сервер автомат AK Paladin из игры CSO.

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Студия 11 Bit Studios, которую вы можете знать по This War of Mine


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Snark's SPAS-12 animation redux
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-15 21:53:07
58 просмотров
  • Snark's SPAS-12 animation redux Skin screenshot
  • Snark's SPAS-12 animation redux Skin screenshot
  • Snark's SPAS-12 animation redux Skin screenshot

Firstly: sorry The Fanciest Pants, you were too late to make it into this compile. :p


If you want a SPAS-12 in Counterstrike: Source then you're looking at Snark's or End of Day's. EoD's is nice, but to me Snark's looks bigger, feels beefier, and... well. When you see it in the hud, you feel like this is a real boomstick, something that can really do damage-or at least, more so than EoD's. (Actually, since typing this, Lamarr's SPAS-12 has been converted to CSS)

Sadly, both have been rather neglected for a while, while yet another mossberg or m3 is produced.

I've seen there's more than Valve and Jen's animations for the m3... so I decided to give new life to an old model...

There's eight different animations, and the animations are by: -Jennifer!!! -Sarqune's -SilentAssassin -Kitteh.

I've also compiled a version of Kittehs with tweaked animations (or to be more specifically, the .qc for the model) and there's a folded stock and unfolded stock for EVERY animation set. There's no wees in the pack, and if you want them that badly you can bugger off and do them yourself. I've also added some custom sounds by xLongWayHome, and tested them-they seem to work well with Sarquine's, but I'm dubious about the synching with the others. I'd release the ones I personally use, but they... 'borrow' from F.E.A.R. ergo (as thpineapple head [who took the high res screenshots of this model on his pc]reliably informs me) that makes them illiegal to distribute.


Snark's SPAS-12

Model: Snark Hook Model: candied_clown Pump Model: Valve Skin: Giz and Stoke Black skin recolor and Tritium sights: VertThrasher Turbosmoothed Barrel: Logger Skin Hackage: candied_clown Original compile: candied_clown Skin Edited by Road Runner (aka. Readers Digest, mikespike502005) New compile and conversion to Kitteh, Sarquine and SilentAssassin's anims by Loké custom (Dark with glow in the dark sights) skin: Blade_x23

Animation credits: Sarqune, Silentassassin, Jennifer!!! (Ported to CSS by Soulslayer) and Kitteh. Jenniffer!!! Reorigin by Blade_x23

Sounds: xLongWayHome

No uploading or releasing elsewhere without the explicit permission from the aforementioned authors.


Unless you're interested in behind the scenes workings, skip this next bit:

First up was Sarqunes. On one level I want to shake him by the hand and on another I want to punch him. His attention to detail is impressive (like Silentassassin's)-he got the firing animations synched perfectly with the ingame rate of fire-something that is apparently beyond Valve. The strapholders being animated tickled me, but that's a bit of a bugger when the model your converting doesn't have any strap holders to animate. Took some inventiveness bypass that problem, I can tell yah...

Another nark-and this is a consistent theme that's carried on with the other animations-is that these are animations designed for an m3, not a spas-12. The point behind that is the front-and pump-of a spas-12, in fact the whole bloody shape, while fundamentally the same system, is practically considerably different-an m3 is rather thin, elegant (another word for 'fragile' in my book to be honest) looking, and starts out not-really-fat to thin from bottom (with the pump) to top (barrel) of the gun.

A spas-12 starts out really fat and stays that way.

So it took a bit of inventive tweaking to get the fingers not to clip too much with the spas-12. As I've said before, this is a recurring theme with the pack, so don't all arsey with me when you notice the fingers clipping. Also, I dislike the shouldered style of the shotgun in Sarqune's animations-it's well done and realistic, sure, but I don't play CSS for realism-I'd much prefer an origin with the default style of origins.

Next up was Mullet's, which I was eventually forced to scrap after over two hours (I can be very bloody minded). The fingers for the pump simply clipped too much no matter what I did, which is a shame-I kinda liked what I saw of them. And, since I lack 3D Studiomax, I can't just move the fingers so they fit, because if you do that in milkshape the animations and model throws a huge hissy fit and the entire thing buggers up when you compile. Which sucks.

Onto Silentassassin's; again, nice attention to detail (cough)strapholderanims(cough) which were a bit of a bugger. I like these animations except for one little thing-the fire animations are a bit bland, because there's only one of them. It would be nice to see a version which had a simple 'back-forward' pump, akin to Jennifer!!! or Sarqune's style. And again, finger clippings.... I'm happy with the way it looks though, it looks less like he's clipping and more holding it tightly. I also had real problem with the second attachment (the shell ejections) with this model, and after an hour of trial and error I was ready to kill myself. Managed to get it (pretty much) sorted though.

Kitteh was next, and the animations have something very cute-no bone for the ejection port. The little bugger's very cannily realised that you don't need one; just assign the bolt to the same bone as the pump and you're sorted! Again, good animation set, but a few issues I found with it were specifically, the trigger hand is a complete fucking mess. Decompile it and open the .smd or view it in modelviewer, and you'll see what I mean. These anims were NOT designed for pistol-grip shotguns. Still, you never see the hand (not) holding the grip, so it's irrelevant really. There's also a rather fundamental flaw with the reloading animation-when you reload it, like Strykerwolf's animations for the auto-shotty, the shotgun raises up and blocks the middle of the screen. It blocks not only a considerable amount of the screen, but it also blocks the most important bit, the middle. The fact the SPAS-12 is so big doesn't help either. Coupled with the long reload times of an m3 and you have something which can be a real bloody hinderance-I found that even in the brief testing against bots offline, the centre view being blocked was at best a liability and at worst a deathtrap-many a time I was running along, only to get shot by a bot because the gun had blocked the middle of my screen while reloading, and hence couldn't see them. It's a real shame, because apart from that diabolical flaw they're a really good set of animations, and in my opinion the best of the set in this pack. If only the gun didn't block that bit of the screen...

And then for shits and giggles, I decided that since I originally started with a compile on Jenniffer!!!'s anims (specifically the ones without that dumb 'forward pump' fire animation-version 2 I believe these are) I may as well do an unfolded stock version for this too. One thing that really put me off was the lack of a trigger hand in milkshape. But again like Kitteh's animations, you don't see it ingame, so.. obviously Jeniffer!!! didn't hold with poly wastage and cut out the middleman entirely.

But just before I finished this, I was thinking about Kitteh's animations again... I looked at rotating the entire set in Milkshape, or at least, certain bits of it, but animating has always been beyond me so that got nowhere, fast. However, while trying to think of another way I had what-if I don't mind saying so myself-I can only call an inspired idea. The way I decompiled the model means I have to issue a 'snap rotate -90' command in every animation set. The thing is though the 'snap' command makes the animation, er, snap to the beginning. If you don't add that animation, Source automatically 'fills in the gaps' and moves the model to the correct positions for the animation. In layman terms, without the 'snap' command, Source will automatically make animations smoothly run onto one another.

This is one of the reasons I never add 'snap' to the idle animation when I work with a model-it makes the transition from the draw, fire or reload animation to the idle animation very much smoother.

Couple that with the ability to rotate the animations in the .qc, and I had a terrific wheeze; rotate the reload animations in the .qc to stop the reload animations blocking the screen (Or the important bit anyway) and remove the snap to make the rotation fliud. Initially instead of -90 I made the animations -80. That worked well, but the reload_finish animation looked weird. Sadly (!) Kitteh was thorough with his/her/it's animating, and the shotgun returns to the idle position in the reload_finish animation. The result was you'd have the gun suddenly moving a bit to the left, albiet smoothly, as the reload_finish animation ended and the idle began. That was really annoying to watch ingame, and I don't mean the 'Bloody hell how the hell am I going to work around THAT' designer annoying, I mean 'WTF why is my gun randomly moving to the left?' gamer annoying. Well. Mainly the latter, but there was definitely a bit of the former.

So instead I... oh hell, I'll just show you.

================== $sequence rel_loop "rel_loop" ACT_VM_RELOAD 1 snap rotate -80 fps 56.96 { { event 5004 0 "Weapon_M3.Insertshell" } }

$sequence rel_end "rel_end" ACT_SHOTGUN_RELOAD_FINISH 1 rotate -90 fps 28.89 { { event 5004 12 "Weapon_M3.Pump" } }

$sequence rel_start "rel_start" ACT_SHOTGUN_RELOAD_START 1 rotate -80 fps 52.50

Basically, I made the reload start and reload finish rotate -80 so they don't block the screen as much-or at least the most important bit-and the reload_finish goes back to -90. Not only that, but since there's no 'snap' command in the .qc for the start and finish animations, Source automatically moves the model from the end of one animation's position to the position it needs to be for the next animation-so it there's no obvious clues of my jiggery-pokery. I can't seem to spot when one of them starts and the other begins, and I know what I'm looking for! (The compile with the folded stock rotates it even more (less?) to -78, to compensate for the stock blocking a bit more of the view, on a side note)

So... yeah. I'm feel really pleased with myself, thinking that up. \^.^/

One thing that became pretty clear when doing all this-the model quite badly needs what I call the 'kiss of Millenia' (AKA 'A good quality reskin') most notably around the buttstock, but that's beyond my ability. Don't get me wrong, the skin is good, but... well. I feel that a skin of Millenia's quality would make this even better.


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