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Плагин : EndMapCustom
Версия : 1.7.4
Автор : BIGs

Описание :

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Counter-Strike: Source

Winchester Model 1887 - M3 Shotgun Replacement

Winchester Model 1887 - M3 Shotgun Replacement
Добавил: The DSystem
2015-11-20 15:52:33
38 просмотров
  • Winchester Model 1887 - M3 Shotgun Replacement Skin screenshot
  • Winchester Model 1887 - M3 Shotgun Replacement Skin screenshot
  • Winchester Model 1887 - M3 Shotgun Replacement Skin screenshot
  • Winchester Model 1887 - M3 Shotgun Replacement Skin screenshot
  • Winchester Model 1887 - M3 Shotgun Replacement Skin screenshot

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License. If you want to modify and/or use this work you have to ask the author for permission.

{ Winchester Model 87 a.k.a. Rosebox Shotgun / Governator Gun } - a replacement weaponmodel for CSS by hamburghannes@gmx.de

This whole thing might not be perfect but hey, at least I can say it's all done by myself and it's not like I have to earn money with that or something - I did it for fun :-)



I finished my last and, up to including yesterday, only replacement model about 1,5 years ago. ( "Timber Scout", you should find it here too )

Though CSS is not the only game I "mod" for, to be honest, I was addicted to World of Warcraft in the meantime :-)

I did not have to relearn how to model and animate, but compiling was a hard thing to do actually.

No rails, no scopes no accessoires - I hope the kids can live without them, this is very close to the original.

What you gamers complained most about my last replacement were the polycount ( smoothness ) as well as the texture, so I tried to improve on these areas: polycount is about twice as high, texture space as well. I also included normal maps and color variations this time.

Again, everything you get here is done by myself, I created the model, UV unwrapped it, drew the textures, rigged + animated and finally got it into the game... just in case you wonder why I did not mention any other authors.

I also included the original UVs and Wires so you can paint your own textures, but remember to ask for permission if you want to release your version or make it public in any way.

Have fun!

Regards, hamburghannes.

P.S.: Thanks to the guys over at the CDG forums for comments and critcism while this thing was a w.i.p.!


Short Version: Copy the folders in the "cstrike" directory of the archive to your cstrike directory.

Long Version: Open the cstrike folder of the archive. You should see three folders called "sound", "materials" and "models". Mark these three, copy them and open your original cstrike directory. The path is usually something like this: "..Halflife_2\SteamApps\USERNAME\counter-strike source\cstrike" ) You will have to paste the three folders here. If you are being asked to overwrite something you can do so, the original directories won't be changed , only the new files will be added.


As I mentioned before, there are optional versions of the textures. Installed per default is the one called "medium scrached". You can use any of the five colour themes by copying the content from "optional texture variations\theme_name" to your "..\cstrike\materials\models\weapons\v_models\shot_m3super90" folder. You know you're doing it right when you are asked to replace the original files.

For those of you who don't like the "pling" sound caused by the ejected shotshell, I included a shoot sound without the "pling". You can exchange them by deleting the "m3-1.wav" and renaming the "m3-1-backup1.wav" accordingly. These files can be found in "..\cstrike\sound\weapons\m3" after you installed this replacement.


Guess what - simply delete the files ( not the folders! ) you copied to your cstrike directories. It's a good idea to keep the archive of this replacement, so you can check which files have to be deleted later on.


( from various www sources)

...The Winchester Model 1887 and Winchester Model 1901 are a series of lever-action shotguns that were produced by Winchester Repeating Arms during the late 19th century and the early 20th century. The shotguns were originally designed by famed American gun designer and maker John Browning. ...

...Considered the first truly successful repeating shotgun, it was in fact not the preferred choice of its designer. When Winchester asked him to produce a repeating shotgun, they specified lever-action. John Browning protested that pump-action was much more appropriate for a repeating shotgun, but Winchester was a lever-action company. To Winchester's credit, they soon introduced Browning's pump-action as the Model 1893, later modified and made as the Model 1897. Behind their identical appearance, the Model 1887 and Model 1901 are distinct from each other. The Model 1887 was designed to fire only black powder, 12-gauge and 10-gauge shotgun shells, while the Model 1901 was designed to fire smokeless powder, 10-gauge shotgun shells. Although a technically sound gun series, the market for a lever-action shotgun waned considerably after the introduction of the Winchester 1897 pump-action shotgun. Model 1887 production totaled 64,855 and 79,455 for the 1901 before that model was discontinued in 1920. ...

...The Winchester Model 1887 and Model 1901 series lever-action shotgun have been seen in a few movies and television shows in recent years which has contributed to its popularity among many gun collectors and firearm owners today. The 10-gauge sawn-off Winchester Model 1887/Model 1901 series shotgun was the signature weapon of Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in the 1991 movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The Model 1887/Model 1901 shotgun that was seen and used in Terminator 2 had the loop handle modified by Hollywood armourer Stembridge Gun Rentals. This modification allowed Arnold Schwarzenegger the ability to "flip-cock" the shotgun in a number of scenes from the movie (e.g. the flood canal chase scenes) as well as to accommodate the size of Schwarzenegger's hands. The Model 1887/Model 1901 shotgun was used by Brendan Fraser's character in the 2001 movie The Mummy Returns. The Winchester Model 1887/Model 1901 series shotguns were also seen briefly in the movie Blade: Trinity in which they served as the basis weapon for the Bone Jack Rifle that Hannibal King showed to Blade as one of the many weapons the Nightstalkers employ on a regular basis against the vampires. ...

...Another innovative John M. Browning design, the Model 1887 is one of the most unusual actions ever made by Winchester . Produced from 1887 to 1901, about 64,855 were produced from 1887 to 1898. The Model 1887’s action is a rolling block design shotgun chambered in 12 and 10 gauge. All 1887s have the very elegant "WRA Co." monogram engraved on the receiver. Popular special order options were limited to grade of the stock, barrel length and type of barrel. The standard barrel was three-blade Damascus steel, with four-blade Damascus available at extra cost. In addition, rolled steel barrels were offered later in production. ...

...The Winchester Model 1887 was produced from 1887 to 1901. Although an excellent Browning design, the huge receiver and ungainly lines precluded the widespread acceptance accorded the company's graceful lever-action rifles. Serial numbers under 63953 are antique. All 1887s have the very elegant "WRA Co." monogram engraved on the receiver...


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