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Transporter 2 Style Glock 18C
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-22 15:53:57
12 просмотров
  • Transporter 2 Style Glock 18C Skin screenshot
  • Transporter 2 Style Glock 18C Skin screenshot
  • Transporter 2 Style Glock 18C Skin screenshot
  • Transporter 2 Style Glock 18C Skin screenshot
  • Transporter 2 Style Glock 18C Skin screenshot

Well I was watching Transporter 2 and I really liked Kate Nauta's (her too for that matter) dual Glock 18's and I decided to put together a similar one. Although it's not exactly the same (LAM and suppressor are different obviously) its close. Also the firing sounds are as close as I could find too. Also the muzzle flash lights up the suppressor and it kinda looks like it glows a bit but its not that big of a deal. Oh yea, and know if your giving feedback that I purposefully left two dead frames at the start of each animation because if I remove them the slide almost looks like it doesn't cycle rounds properly when firing. This way all the sounds match and the slide blows back each shot, and you cant tell they are there anyways.

All credits for the original compile go to bullet_head, !NC! Furious, Hav0c, and Mullet. All I did was add the attachments and assigned the bullet to the slide joint to make it look as if the round is being chambered as the slide is released. I also moved the mag down to make it appear to be an extended magazine, but thats about it.

World models do cause consistency errors but i have included them anyway, so just choose to install them if you still want them. I didn't even bother to check to see if the player even holds it correctly (world view) because I don't even recommend using them anyways. BUT if you still want them they are there.

CREDITS: Suppressor Model: Schmung Skin: SureShot, DarkElfa and Thanez

Glock 18C Model: bullet_head Skin: !NC!Furious Animations: Hav0c Sound: Vunsunta/Hk/Mullet/!NC!Furious Original Compile: !NC!Furious Recompile to mac10: Mullet

LAM/UV Maps: Flamshmizer

New Compile: DMG

If anyone is missing let me know immediately!!!


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