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The Ingram M6
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-03-09 01:29:09
14 просмотров
  • The Ingram M6 Skin screenshot
  • The Ingram M6 Skin screenshot
  • The Ingram M6 Skin screenshot
  • The Ingram M6 Skin screenshot
  • The Ingram M6 Skin screenshot

Hey Everybody. Guess what this is?
Yes, It's a gun, who didn't know that?

Anyways, this is my first proper release with animations and everything from scratch. You can read the credits and see who did what. If I've missed anyone out, tell me asap and don't you dare drag your mouse to the flag area to flag it. Just tell me and I'll fix it :D

I had to upload it to SkyDrive because GayBanana wouldnt let me upload it here. It kept saying: **Upload error: File size exceeds allowed limit. **

Link To Download From SkyDrive

Sorry about that.
p.s: the download includes a readme with the screenshots.
Now, to talk about the skin, we've spent around 4-5 weeks doing this. Yes, I know that may be very long and everything but this is our first release with so many things (e.g:anims/sounds/etc.) Btw, the file was so big cause it has a lot of texture variations. There are two wood variations and 3 texture variations with phong and normals thanks to Shockwave88 :D

Mini-Intro from Wiki: **Ingram Model 6 is an American machine gun caliber .45 . It was produced from 1949 to 1952 of Police Ordnance Company in Los Angeles , California . It appears that a copy of the M1 (Thompson) but was intended as a cheaper alternative for police in the United States . It came with of wood with pistol grip and front grip. Total length is 762 cm and stride length, 228 cm. The right weapon magazine with a capacity of 30 cartridges . A variant named M7 was made in 1952, with was produced only in small numbers. **

ahh. i think thats the longest description I've ever had. so, just make sure you click on subscribe on the left and click 10/10 on the rating thingy on the side and comment " BESTEST GUN EVAAA! " lol

enjoy, and for those people who go crazy, the credits in the readme in the download aren't complete. Sorry about that.

HD Video Prev thanks to Itbankrock:D


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