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Портал IGN выпустил новую запись геймплея The Crew 2 с E3 2017.


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Компания Ubisoft представила видео, в котором креативный директор Мишель Ансель


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Студия Ninja Theory выпустила свежий трейлер Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice


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Появилась запись геймплея на карте Lupkow Pass из DLC


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Данный ролик дополнения XCOM 2: War of the Chosen


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Сервис платежей PayPal раскрыл точное время начала и окончания летней распродажи Steam


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К скорому старту продаж Get Even компания Bandai Namco


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В данном ролике показано немного геймплея Code Vein.


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Студия New World Interactive представила на E3 первый трейлер.


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Студия 11 Bit Studios, которую вы можете знать по This War of Mine


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Sony выпустила трейлер небольшого бесплатного ВР-проекта Spider-Man


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В прошлом году было замечено название Shadow Of The Tomb Raider.


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Компании Devolver Digital и Sloclap привезли на E3 свежую демонстрацию


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В данных видео содержится новый игровой процесс Far Cry 5


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Компания Blizzard опубликовала видео с обзором


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Появилась запись почти 12 минут игрового процесса

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Во время E3 2017 Ubisoft представила трейлер нового дополнения

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Разработчики Killer Instinct через официальный твиттер подтвердили, что файтинг выйдет в Steam.


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РРЦ на Nokia 5 составляет 12 990 рублей.


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Известно, что YotaPhone 3 продолжит идею предшественников — это смартфон с двумя дисплеями

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DarkElfa's P90 Mk.3 Black Edit
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-18 19:14:58
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  • DarkElfa's P90 Mk.3 Black Edit Skin screenshot
  • DarkElfa's P90 Mk.3 Black Edit Skin screenshot
  • DarkElfa's P90 Mk.3 Black Edit Skin screenshot
  • DarkElfa's P90 Mk.3 Black Edit Skin screenshot
  • DarkElfa's P90 Mk.3 Black Edit Skin screenshot


This is an edit of Dark Elfa's Wooden P90 MK.3 that was done to remove the knife and change the wood color to black. It was done by myself and a friend as a Sunday project. It was conceived as a way to test our Photoshop skills out of the classroom, an answer to the numerous people commenting on the AUG compile wanting a black version for the P90, and to appease my personal desire to have this in black. >.> The Original P90 Can Be Found Here: http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/12821 The Aug Compile Can Be Found Here: http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/15387

This is my first skin release.... start cheesey sob story And I view it as a way to give back to the FPSB community that has given so much to me. And I want to thank L0rd N00b for being an inspiration for me. vomit, and end cheesey sob story


The only things added that the original did not have are a few LCD color & bullet choices, a Buy Menu image, and the following video, also my first. (on that note, if anyone would like a video made.. just ask me)

+++NOTE+++ I Take NO CREDIT For ANYTHING But the Re-Compile(If You Can Call It That) & Texture Edits. Even The Render On This Page Is An Edit Of The AUG Compiles

Also, Being Unable To Contact Unbreakable Himself, I Contacted A Compiler Of His Studio In Regards To Permissions. He Said I Should Be Fine As Long As I Include All Past Credits.

That Said... If ANY Of You Prior Authors Have ANY PROBLEMS With My Edit/Repost Of This Skin PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Im Trying To Edit Skins, Not Take Credit For Your Work And Be A Jerk. If You Want Me To Change Anything Avbout This Submission I Will.

All Other Credits Are Still Those Of The Original Wooden Version As Shown Below.


P90: Short Fuse

Knife: Paris Hilton's Penis

Lam: Lama

Scope: Hav0c


p90: Cyper

laser warning symbol: Lonewolf

Lam: !NC!Furious

Knife: Unbreakable

Scope: Twinke Masta

P90 Reskin: Unbreakable

MkII mod Model: Snark Skin : pr0d!gy, Biohazad, Robert Orlender, §ixShooter, snark

Sounds: Glo-Boy, modderfreak, Vunsunta

Animations: Strykerwolf (Ghost Ops) + KadeshSa's Shoot Edit

Recompile, hack and wees: Unbreakable



Unzip to C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\Youremailname\counter-strike source\cstrike folder and enjoy!

TO CHANGE BULLET/LCD TYPES: Default Install Is The Red LCD With The Red/Silver Bullets. To Use Dark Elfa's Original AP or UV Rounds, Or the Blue LCD, Unzip And Install The Contained Folder To Your Cstrike Folder.


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