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[DS]: CS:S GunGame v34 Server

[DS]: CS:S v34 Server
[DS]: CS:S v34 Server


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Турнир прошел успешно. Победители :
-1место- BIGs
-2место- HOME
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Меню оружия для Sven Co-op

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Это плагин который способен изменить GameDescription вашего сервера . это можно использовать в целях рекламы и т.д

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Тутор по установке SteamCMD на Linux

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Плагин служит для подключения на другой сервер по указанному IP. Его можно указать в исходнике

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Добавил: The DSystem
2016-02-10 19:36:09
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  • Type-19 Skin screenshot
  • Type-19 Skin screenshot
  • Type-19 Skin screenshot
  • Type-19 Skin screenshot
  • Type-19 Skin screenshot

Here goes my entry for the CT2020 contest.

A light assault rifle developed for North Korean special forces. The mechanism of this weapon might look odd from the first look - but its something really different from other trivial weapons. This time,your weapon has Eotech sight,with monitor which says "reload" when you're out of the bullets.You also have silencer which you can use,or use this weapon without it ( Recommend trying both )

Graphic features :

2048 x 2048 Diffuse + 2048 x 2048 Baked normals ( these make phong look real good ) World models and VGUI pictures are also included

Take a look at these marvelous animations made by our newest talented animator - Brain Collector Thanks to ITbankrock,Skry.fire and css.nubito for nice intro videos!

Unfortunantly,the screenshots cant show all of the nicest things,so I suggest you try this ingame.

Credits :

Design,model and textures : Teh Snake Animations and compiles : Brain Collector Sounds : Strelok

Special thanks goes to Brain Collector,who made this release happen with his efforts in animating,compiling and numerous fixes. Thanks for saving the whole project,Arthie ;)


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