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M16A2 - Sniper Edition
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-02-05 16:37:19
11 просмотров
  • M16A2 - Sniper Edition Skin screenshot
  • M16A2 - Sniper Edition Skin screenshot
  • M16A2 - Sniper Edition Skin screenshot
  • M16A2 - Sniper Edition Skin screenshot
  • M16A2 - Sniper Edition Skin screenshot


Well , another release by me , and this time im trying to do something new ( to me :) ) , which is converting pecks m4a1 animations to work on sg550 , and yes , i did it. This release comes with 2 reload animations , also it works online ! 100% works on online servers :D

*i also made up some phong for this model :)

It also come with some features , such as :

### Hi-res (2048x512) Buy-Pic !


### Next-Gen Hands !

Next-gen hands hands texture is courtesy of BrainCollector.

Well , this brilliant idea came from ramirez mind , do you ever think of using different gloves on one model ? or just one tattooed arm ? well now it is possible !

( please note that the second hand is set to use default hand material , instruction is inside the file. )

well , enough with the words , hope you enjoy this release !

for a moment download with gb is not available ( i cant upload to gb, idk why ) so please download via


*download is fixed , the file is patched :D


HD review thanks to ItBankRock :D

If I missed anyone on the credits , or anything else that doesn't feel right , please tell me immediately :D


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