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[DS]: Half-Life Server
[DS]: Half-Life Server

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[DS]: CS:S GunGame v34 Server

[DS]: CS:S v34 Server
[DS]: CS:S v34 Server


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Название игры: S.I.P: Out Life
Жанр: FPS, с элементами RPG
Язык: с++, скрипты lua
G API: DirectX 9
Сайт: sip-game.su
Группа Vk: vk.... Читать далее



MGD Vending Machine
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-24 04:49:55
6 просмотров
  • MGD Vending Machine Skin screenshot
  • MGD Vending Machine Skin screenshot
  • MGD Vending Machine Skin screenshot
  • MGD Vending Machine Skin screenshot
  • MGD Vending Machine Skin screenshot

MGD_Vending-Machine ReadMe.txt

Contents: 1. Folder contains 2. Description 3. Instructions 4. Programs Used 5.Credits

  1. Folder Contains: 1x vending_machine.vmt 1x vending_machine.vtf 1x vending_machine_ref.vtf 1x ReadMe.txt

2.Description: I decided to make a Miller Genuine Draft vending machine because I wanted to add an MGD styled HE grenade dispensers to my maps and maybe to the cs_office map but for now I just made this and I've decided to up load it since I haven't seen an MGD Vending Machine as of yet.

  1. Instructions: Just place this inside your main hard drive or where ever you installed your Counter Strike:Source game files in its root location.

as in "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\XXXX\counter-strike source\cstrike\materials\models\props..." -XXXX representing your STEAM user account name.

  1. Programs Used:

-GFScape Version:1.7.5 Authored by:Ryan Gregg on the 12 of December 2009. The newer download releases can be found at: http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/index.php?p=26

-VTFEdit Version: 1.2.5 with the VTFLib Version: 1.2.7 Authored by: Neil Jedrzejewski & Ryan Gregg on the 4 of January 2008. The newer download releases can be found at: http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/index.php?c=178

-GIMP 2.0(unknown date edition.) Newer releases can be found at: http://www.gimp.org/

  1. Credits Textures by: ArogantOrange Code by: VALVES original scripts Idea:Thanks to Frederick Miller and the SABMiller Coors Brewing Companies. Tutorial by: A few different individuals on FPSBananna.com Thank you, even though I have absolutely no clue how to track down those of you who helped me, I really appreciate your well instructed tutorials of re-skinning for CS:S

                           CS:S Re-Skin
                    Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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