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KnifeInFace's 2nd Rangers 'FINAL'
Добавил: Tiratore
2015-09-24 17:16:14
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  • KnifeInFace's 2nd Rangers 'FINAL' Skin screenshot
  • KnifeInFace's 2nd Rangers 'FINAL' Skin screenshot
  • KnifeInFace's 2nd Rangers 'FINAL' Skin screenshot

|KnifeInFace's 2nd Rangers 'FINAL'| -----------------


Simply place the vtf. files into the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\username\day of defeat source\dod\materials\models\player\american

Place the vtf. thats in the hands folder into the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\username\day of defeat source\dod\materials\models\weapons\v_models\hand

WARNING - If it inquires you to replace files or folders, be sure to make copies of the original before overwriting the old ones with mine. - WARNING


This will be the final version of my 2nd Rangers skin I've worked so hard on. I've polished everything up by improving the basic skin and normals as well as creating new VMT's and the addition of adding normals to the sleeves. ENJOY!


-New high-res textures, 2048x2048. -New high res normals, 2048x2048. -New sleeves with high-res textures. -New normals on sleeves. -New VMT files to all the normals. -New authentic M1936 Officer Belt. -Authentic 2nd Rangers insignias and uniform.


The alteration of this skin(s)/mod(s) was developed entirely by KIF(KnifeInFace), the original model(s) and UVW Map(s) are those of the original developer.

NOTE - If you wish to alter my skin(s)/mod(s), or remove content from them and place it within another skin(s)/mod(s) please ask me, leave credit, and state that YOU are the one developing the re-re skin/modding with my content. - NOTE

Legal Stuff:

WARNING - In no way, shape or form am I responsible for any harmful events that developed on your computer before or after the installation of my skin(s)/mod(s). Its your choice to Install this, thus its your responsibility. - WARNING


In conclusion you can reach me at my web site; 'www.kif-studios.uni.cc', or email me at 'scott.deon@gmail.com'(without quotations).

I would also like to thank you for downloading my skin(s)/mod(s) and reading this read me, I hope you enjoy the hard work I put in to this production and will continue to download my future releases.


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