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В Украине заблокировали ВК, Яндекс, Одноклассники и Mail.ru : как обойти запрет на российские соцсети и сайты.

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Меню оружия для Sven Co-op

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Yugoslav Partisans
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-22 19:23:25
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  • Yugoslav Partisans Skin screenshot
  • Yugoslav Partisans Skin screenshot
  • Yugoslav Partisans Skin screenshot
  • Yugoslav Partisans Skin screenshot
  • Yugoslav Partisans Skin screenshot


"Death to Fascism! — Freedom to the People!"



This is partisan conversion pack version 1.2 for DOD Source.


GAME Partisan soldiers with "pilotka" caps Original posters and music More compact HUD etc...

EXTRAS Materials Posters Screen-shots


This conversion pack is tribute to my grandfather and all other brave men from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia who stood against german occupation forces and their collaborators during the World War 2.

Historic note:

The Yugoslav Partisans, or simply the Partisans, were a communist-led World War II resistance movement engaged in the fight against Axis forces and their collaborators in Yugoslavia during the Yugoslav People's Liberation War from 1941 to 1945. The common name of the movement is "the Partisans", while the adjective "Yugoslav" is used sometimes in exclusively non-Yugoslav sources to disambiguate from other partisan movements. Despite the fact that their name suggests they fought as a guerrilla force, this was only true for the first three years of the conflict. From the second half of 1944. the total forces of the Partisans numbered over 800,000 men organized in four field armies, which engaged in conventional warfare.

Terms and Conditions:

You can freely modify and distribute all parts of this conversion created by me. For other parts contact the original creators (see credits).

Other notes:

Weapons shown in class icons are: Rifleman = Mannlicher-Carcano, Assault = Beretta Model 38, Support = Bren, Machinegunner = MG 34, Sniper = Scoped Carcano and Rocketman = Panzerfaust. These weapons were used by partisans during ww2.

If there are modelers interested in doing some of these weapons please contact me.

Video shows previous version 1.2 of Partisan Conversion.

Thanks and credits:

First of all thanks to guys from DOD Source Steam forums for some advices and tutorials posted there, then credits to people who created Soviet conversion pack: HWGuy, Wile E Coyote, CigAro, Twinke Masta, Havok, Teh Snake, Rusty, Stene and especially Rus_Ivan which served to me as reference material and also as a source for some of the materials I used. Thanks to Wile E Coyote for letting me use sniper cap model originally hacked by the0rthopaedicsurgeon as starting material for pilotka cap. Also thanks to INsane-dod for giving me some advices about modding the HUD.

Hope you will enjoy using this conversion as much as I did creating it!


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