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Actors in Charge
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-10 14:01:31
10 просмотров
  • Actors in Charge Skin screenshot
  • Actors in Charge Skin screenshot

Note: I didnt create this mod, I simply uploaded it as its an amazing mod, and people need to see it =]


This mod adds a misc item (Actor's Ball) to PC (Player Character) inventory and lesser power spell (Director's Touch) to PC spells repository. Once activated/casted it shows the menu where you can pick one of 252 idle animations. Chosen animation should be performed by PC/NPC instantly. In vanilla game most of these animations were reserved for NPCs only and not for PC. And some of these were not possible to perform when flying camera mode was enabled. Your character can use such skills from now on and NPCs can play them at your will as well ;-]

In 'Actors In Charge' you can find following idle animations: - activities (activate, drink, make potions, read, pray, use etc.), - bed / bedroll anims (enter, exit, sleep), - gestures (cheer, greet, point, talk, yield, etc.), - postures (kneel, statue pose, speech etc.), - vampire anims (sleep, feed), - movement anims (walk, run, sneak, swim, dodge), - combat anims (stagger, recoil, power attacks), - creature anims (flame atronach, lich, spriggan) - facial expressions (it changes look of PC/NPC face) and many more...

IMPORTANT NOTE: All animations work in 3rd person mode only! Don't try to use them in 1st person mode! All these animations have not any conditions set that could prevent them from playing in certain situations. You must experiment yourself to discover what's possible and what's not. Well, make a new save, just in case ;-]


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