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[DS]: Half-Life Server
[DS]: Half-Life Server

[DS]: CS:S GunGame v34 Server
[DS]: CS:S GunGame v34 Server

[DS]: CS:S v34 Server
[DS]: CS:S v34 Server


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Название игры: S.I.P: Out Life
Жанр: FPS, с элементами RPG
Язык: с++, скрипты lua
G API: DirectX 9
Сайт: sip-game.su
Группа Vk: vk.... Читать далее



Добавил: The DSystem
2016-02-04 20:29:44
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  • bike Skin screenshot
  • bike Skin screenshot
  • bike Skin screenshot
  • bike Skin screenshot
  • bike Skin screenshot

Ripped by Mr. Sinistar, tested and uploaded by me (with his permission I might add), modeled and textured by the awesome folks at Disney.

Kevin Flynn's personal second generation lightcycle as seen in Tron Legacy. It's been rumored that this rarely seen 1989 custom lightcycle is faster than anything else on the grid.

Put in addons. For me, the props menu spawnlist icon did not work, but it should work fine if spawned from the browse menu.

Goes along great with gm_gamegrid (pictured; not included): http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=101820

Ripped from the awesome "Drive a Lightcycle" game at http://disney.go.com/tron Please don't ask me how to find it, as all I know is that it is in the game files.


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