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Brute Plasma Rifle
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-19 04:22:13
14 просмотров
  • Brute Plasma Rifle Skin screenshot
  • Brute Plasma Rifle Skin screenshot
  • Brute Plasma Rifle Skin screenshot

Brute Plasma Rifle; adapted from the Halo 2 weapon; not ripped!

You probably remember the Brute Plasma rifle, the red one that did more damage and fired very fast? I have the right skin for it, and the instructions to make it like one. Very simple, actually.

To start off, we'll inject the skins. You'll just need HMT (Halo Map Tools) and a bit of knowledge on how to use it. Let's start off with the main skin, which took me 4.5+ hours.

Okay, open up the RAR file you just downloaded, and extract this files to a location, such as your Desktop. Open up HMT, and open up the [bmp] Bitmaps tab. Scroll down until you reach "weapons\plasma rifle\fp\bitmaps\plasma rifle_fp" and click on it. To the right should be a new screen. Find the "Inject Texture" and click on it. It will navigate you to a page asking you to find a file to inject. Find where you extracted my RAR folder, and open it up. Delve into the "Skins" folder, and in there should be some DXT 1 (.DDS) files. Find "brute plasma rifle_fp4dds.1". Double click it, and it should inject. Press Okay or Yes on any popups that appear in HMT, and it will be injected! But we're not done yet. Find "weapons\plasma rifle\bitmaps\plasma rifle contrail" and do the same thing, open up the extracted files, find the "Skins" folder, then now find "plasma rifle contrail1.dds.1" and again, double click it. Repeat, but this time with "effects\decals\bullet holes\bitmaps\plasma burn inner glow".

Once everything is done, it requires actual modding. To start, make it glow.

Open up the [soso] Shader tag, and find "weapons\plasma rifle\fp\shaders\luminous" and do the following:

Power: 100 Colour of emitted light - R: 1 Colour of emitted light - G: 0 Colour of emitted light - B: 0 Tint Colour - R: 1 Tint Colour - G: 0 Tint Colour - B: 0

Now, just adjust one more thing; under the [ligh] Light tab, and under it, find "weapons\plasma rifle\plasma rifle flare". Adjust it so the red colour is more dominant, or what you'd like. If you want to edit the projectile colour, edit the light volume, but it's kind of hard.



Oh yah, sorry I forgot to mention how to make to model work, well to make the model work go to the PC models in the HMT tools (pick a map first) then click weapons\plasma rifle\fp\fp then click import model then just find where you put the model of the Brute plasma rifle and you done!


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