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Generic Boat
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-22 19:33:48
20 просмотров
  • Generic Boat Skin screenshot
  • Generic Boat Skin screenshot
  • Generic Boat Skin screenshot
  • Generic Boat Skin screenshot

This was a request. I'm not actually this sick minded.

It's a generic boat.

Features: - Aimable turret Sort of. The gun itself doesn't move because, surprise surprise, it was impossible to make it actually sit still without going all spazz. This despite me spending an hour or more animating it by hand when I could have just mailed it in.

  • No motor Again, this was stupidly hard and the resources just weren't there.

  • No motor sounds You still get the water sloshing, but the rest is up to your imagination.

  • Realistic physics (within the possibilities of the default performance) It still floats and refuses to turn upside down. Otherwise, it's very much a boat. It's made of wood. You can stand on it. It tips side to side. You get the idea.

  • Proper hitboxes You can get in on all 5 sides with ease.

NOTE: This requires two custom scripts (airboat.txt and game_sounds_vehicles.txt). Please backup these files if you have your own custom versions.

This is the only airboat replacement I'm doing. The airboat is so fucked up that it's not even worth trying to do anything creative with it.

edit Airboat fuck'd-upped-ness strikes.

So apparently the boat had problems traversing over physics props or something stupid because it would lose traction on some surfaces and thus not go anywhere. This made it impossible to make the jump on d1_canals_06 without the gravity gun (which you don't have yet).

I have fixed this problem by increasing the radius of the "wheels". To add to pure stupidity that is the airboat, this had no obvious effect on how the boat sits on the ground despite changing the radius from 1 to 5 and the "wheels" previously working just fine on flat surfaces. Close inspection reveals that the boat may float more than it used to, but the difference should have been much greater. You practically have to noclip and be 2 inches away from where the boat touches the ground to even notice. You'd think they'd just make the damn thing move by literally being pushed by a variable amount of force.

Mind boggling.


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