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Drivable Combine APC (Version 2)
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-22 16:49:19
22 просмотра
  • Drivable Combine APC (Version 2) Skin screenshot
  • Drivable Combine APC (Version 2) Skin screenshot
  • Drivable Combine APC (Version 2) Skin screenshot
  • Drivable Combine APC (Version 2) Skin screenshot
  • Drivable Combine APC (Version 2) Skin screenshot

Oh no way, you say. Drivable Combine APC?

YES WAY I SAY! This is a completely drivable Combine APC for either NPC APC or buggy. It drives, it makes Combine APC noises, and the turret works! Ok...it just works like the Tau Cannon, but come on, damnit. This is a breakthrough!

Includes SMOD compatible compiles. (ie, lowered viewport)

Less Than Obvious Differences: Buggy version has ammo in back NPC version has rear entrance

How to use the NPC replacement: First off, you need to realize not every APC in the game is drivable. In fact, I only know of four. To determine if an APC is enterable, aim at it, and type the following in the console:


If the response is something with prop_vehicle_jeep, you're in luck and can activate it. If you bind a key to ent_fire prop_vehicle_jeep unlock and then push it, you'll likely be able to enter the APC.

See ZIP file for more details.

Notes: - The APC is really hard to roll. That goes both ways. - It's not the most powerful vehicle in the world, so you often have to turbo just to go up a typical hill. You can complete the driving segment with an APC, however. - Do not try to get smart and hack your way into entering a prop_vehicle_apc. You'll get stuck because apparently these vehicles aren't bound to a script. - If you don't want the additive glass, don't install the optional glass material. It'll look like this. - Technically, this does have custom animations since I had to edit two sequences to make the turret work.

Credits: Model - Valve Spending hours hitting compile until the damn thing worked - Markworth

edit - Cleaned up and improved some attachments - Fixed the problem with npc APCs not being able to use the APC turret - Moved view port back just a hair so that maybe it won't clip on widescreen


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