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Combine Camo v3
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-18 21:45:22
7 просмотров
  • Combine Camo v3 Skin screenshot
  • Combine Camo v3 Skin screenshot
  • Combine Camo v3 Skin screenshot
  • Combine Camo v3 Skin screenshot
  • Combine Camo v3 Skin screenshot

Combine Camo v3 by: Themanclaw (and Fakefactory)

Changes since v2 -re-did pretty much everything -increased detail (my own work) -added normal map to default HL2 skins (no need for ep2 skins because they have phong) -no more eye varients (however I would be happy to send a color to anyone who e-mails me)

v4 will inculude a skind for the elite, for the metrocop and for the rebels. (and anything else that people want changed in the basic soldier)

These are skins for the basic combine soldier (and the shotgun trooper). I have done the camofloge and recoloring of the various parts, but you can thank Fakefactory for the detail.

They include files compatable for Half-Life 2: episode 2 as well as basic HL2

You can now chose between two camo schemes, but if you have installed skins before, you should know that you are not limited to one skin.

ie; you can have urban camo with green eyes in HL2 and have woodland camo with blue eyes in episode 2

now, I have alsoo put in a file so the combine shotgun trooper looks like the other combine, so if you want to reset him, simply remove the file "combinesoldier_shotgun_noalpha"

Note: because of the large number of choices, it is a big download, but the size of the basic file that you will be using is only about 2.66 MBs, so no significant amound of space will be used.


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