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Improved Combines V2
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-10 12:11:24
15 просмотров
  • Improved Combines V2 Skin screenshot
  • Improved Combines V2 Skin screenshot
  • Improved Combines V2 Skin screenshot
  • Improved Combines V2 Skin screenshot
  • Improved Combines V2 Skin screenshot

HUGE update relesed... V2 phong ep2 combine soldier shotgun support and mOre...


You will find in pack 3 Flothers

1/ the "Materials" Flother:

Just extract it in to your half-life 2+lost coast+ep1+ep2+deathmatch....

2/ the "HL2Ep1_Dm_VMT" Flother:

There are Just vmt files reqaired for curret use of textures in your hl2ep1 and deathmatch... Extract it to your hl2ep1 and deathmatch... If it will ask for overwrite push "yes" button...

3/ the "HL2Ep2_VMT" Flother:

There are Just vmt files reqaired for curret use of textures and phong effect in your hl2ep2... Extract it to your hl2ep2. If it will ask for overwrite push "yes" button...

Thats all...

If any problems or questions, you can send me mail on CzechDeath@seznam.cz

NOW, What is it all about:

I am fun of old hl2 E3 videos ... And i remember that very impresive screenshots from first beta version of combine soldiers.

Most of them was taken in nova prospect, and there are soldiers how they are fighting with antlions, and you all remember that part with bugbait in e3

Some abouot 1year ago I fond here on FPS that betaversion solder skin ....

But there were already 3 types of soldiers in relesed half-life 2: Elite, Combine soldier adn Combine prisonguard... Even if i would replace one type of them with tha beta one, imo cool looking skin It just wouldn fit in to others soldiers somehow... bump map on elite was bumping details witch wasn´t even rendered on that beta skin, but still i liked it so much...

There was one general part of that beta skin witch i LOVE to death ... and that´s helmet ....

Helmet on betaversion soldier, looks more like clawl, and it is somehow more complex and looks even little bit more futurictic, .... it looks much cooler and somehow "future deadly soldier like" ... specular map was different, and also it hasnt glowing eyes ... (I think that nothing from army should glow, cause you need to suprise enemy and not shining miles away)

In my angle of view: (any) Soldiers with glowing eyes looks like some toy.... some "Combine action figure" or something... so I absolutoly disabled all glowing effect ... beta skin wanst glowing eighter and ... thats another reason ...

I detailed combine soldiers textures little bit:

Grey gloves on Combine soldier and prisonguard (beter visible bump) also from beta...

There are holders of cevlar armor/shields on legs and arms (I dunno name of it, but i hope you know what i mean) those were just black with some light diry filter, I used those textures for nonglowing eyes and replaced their place with texture for the same thing, from Combine Elite default skin... That way all combines has now detailed those thing, the same way ...

About that green Combine soldier:

It is The one from unrelesed, witch you can see on Deathmatch backround screenshot ... Rikku2000 sended me it by e-mail long time ago on my request ... she allowed me to use it after some rework as my personal skin... she sended me 2048x2048 version, with some custom highresolution filter ... So IMO texture was not like the others (1024x1024) And it was disvalueted by that filter, so i used "Replace color" tool In my Photoshop, and I redone it whole again by replacing colour of original (violet) prisonguard skin (thats why first version was with "nova prospekt" on it´s back) So If you dont bieleve me, ask Rikku2000 and get that original skin from her, and than confront mine skin and original and you will see that Im not lying .... Even dou matt54 disaproved it for credit theft, unfochenatly =/ and unfairly...

I improved slipsole textures, before hey didnt even look like slipsole... So now it has colour of boots and looks how it should ...

I made for my skins whole new bump textures, with new specular maps ... I used Combine Elite´s as base for it, to reach unification... so I mixed original bump map from valve for Combine Elite, with nvidia filter and some hand work and than i made new spelular maps for boots and, I used specular map from Beta skin for helmet...

All knobs on all soldiers are specular exactly how they are on original Eilite skin....

I was happy with original Elite skin so only thing witch i changed there is that I disabled glowing eye ...

The same way I "improved" skin of Zombine ... now it is has black shields, cause default combine soldier has them black, but zombine had not ... and all details are exactly tha same as on my improved combine soldier skin....

Credits: Valve, Rikku2000, (special thanks for unrelesed green Combine soldier, witch I remade at the end) CzechDeath


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