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Hexaludes L4D - Urban Ops Team
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-23 02:01:10
10 просмотров
  • Hexaludes L4D - Urban Ops Team Skin screenshot
  • Hexaludes L4D - Urban Ops Team Skin screenshot
  • Hexaludes L4D - Urban Ops Team Skin screenshot
  • Hexaludes L4D - Urban Ops Team Skin screenshot

Hexaludes L4D - Urban Spec Ops Team.

Firstly, yes I know this hardley fits the theme of L4D and that was my intent, so don't bother leaving comments to that effect as it is pretty bloody obvious.

Okay, enough with that.

This is my first realesed attempt at character skinning for L4D. Basically I think the game is getting a little dated with the lack of content updates so, I decided I would create these skins to try inject something new into the game.

I took bits and pieces from here and there around this web site that other skinners such as myself have created(whom I have listed in the contributers), but most of the main effort is mine. It took sometime to complete as some of the player models aren't really that well suited to this sort of theme, especially Louis (that bloody tie). But at any rate, I am fairly happy with the results. So enjoy.

Included Readme with Install instructions

Feedback and comments welcome.

EDIT/UPDATES: - Renamed the "Marerials" to Materials :P - Removed the Pak and whitelist files in favor of the manaul install (due to the fact most people use multiple custom skins these days so those file do more harm than good).


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