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Raccoon City Megapack 1.11
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-22 15:49:30
9 просмотров
  • Raccoon City Megapack 1.11 Skin screenshot
  • Raccoon City Megapack 1.11 Skin screenshot
  • Raccoon City Megapack 1.11 Skin screenshot
  • Raccoon City Megapack 1.11 Skin screenshot
  • Raccoon City Megapack 1.11 Skin screenshot

Raccoon City MegaPack Reskin 1.11 Update by: sHoNi89P

(sorry if screenshots are too dark xD I'm too lazy to bright them up)

If you like this skinpack, or if you're a Resident Evil fan like me, I highly suggest you to download my Resident Evil Soundpack too, in order to fully optimize the game experience.


  • Open your whitelist.cfg file, delete all strings included and copy/paste this: whitelist { // Individual files to pass through... "add" "TerrorNews.html"

    "add" "unusedcontent.cfg" "add" "whitelist.cfg" "add" "gameserverconfig.cfg"

    "remove" "cfg/config.cfg" "remove" "cfg/test*.cfg"

    // Temporary Hacks that need fixing "add" "scripts/..."

    "add" "materials/effects/..." "add" "materials/decals/..."

    // Additional files/directories to allow "add" "materials/console/..." "add" "materials/vgui/..." "add" "materials/sprites/..." "add" "materials/ads/..." "add" "materials/signs/..." "add" "materials/models/..." "add" "materials/hud/..." "add" "materials/debug/..." "add" "materials/shadertest/..." "add" "materials/engine/..." "add" "materials/dev/..." "add" "materials/voice/..."

    "add" "sound/music/..." "add" "sound/terror/music/..." "add" "sound/npc/infected/..." "add" "sound/weapons/..."

    "add" "sound/UI/..." "add" "sound/terror/UI/..." "add" "sound/common/bugreporter_*"

    "add" "scenes/Biker/..." "add" "scenes/Manager/..." "add" "scenes/NamVet/..." "add" "scenes/TeenGirl/..."

    "add" "reslists/..."

    "add" ".vbsp" // ???? "add" ".rad" // ????

    "add" "models/*.ani"

    "add" "*.txt"

    "add" "bin/..."

    "add" "steam.inf"

    "add" "maps/soundcache/.cache" "add" ".cache" // Keep all cache files for now...

    "add" "sound/ui/..." // vgui ui sounds


How to install:

  1. Backup your materials folder
  2. Put the materials folder and the pak01_dir file in the "Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead" folder (overwriting the existing one).

SMALL BUT IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to its massive file count, if you do not want to use the pak01_dir file included, I assume you are smart enough to replace all necessary strings by looking what files are modded in the folders and then to replace the correct strings (look for "What's included" below for a tip). This mod has been uploaded with the pak01_dir already modded and if you want to use your own file (and to replace strings like you probably did in the previous 1.0 version) I DO NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY OF EVENTUAL MISSING TEXTURES, GAME CRASHES etc. It is best that you use the pak01_dir included and then to replace eventual strings of your previous mods (if any). Please understand this statement, thanks.

What's included:

  • Resident Evil-Related ADS (RE3 Umbrella Products, Raccoon City events, RE-Ads...)
  • Some street Signs replaced (Riverside to Raccoon City, Raccoon Park etc.)
  • NO MERCY starting point building logo replaced by Umbrella Corporation logo
  • Tank reskin changed to G-Mutated Hulk 2.0 (different from previous "too reddish" skin)
  • Zombie Police Officers are now RPD officers and, rarely, S.T.A.R.S. Cops
  • Zombie Nurses and Surgeons have now a Umbrella logo printed somewhere on them
  • Some Zombie workers have the Umbrella logo printed on their back
  • Some boxes and paperboxes have now the Umbrella logo printed on them
  • Bus-stops have an Umbrella Inc. ADS printed on them
  • Police cars are now RPD cars
  • White vans are now property of Umbrella Inc.
  • News van has now become Umbrella News Van
  • Francis has now a UBCS leather jacket plus an Umbrella tattoo reskin (Requested)
  • Bill is a UBCS member (RE-movie alike)
  • Zoey skin resembles Claire Redfield skin (RECVX)
  • Standard handguns are now S.T.A.R.S. M92Fs
  • Painkiller pills are now Umbrella's Safsprin Pills
  • Medikits are now black textured with a Umbrella Corp. logo printed on them
  • Billboards on roofs are now RE3 Umbrella Corp.'s main products (Aqua Cure, Adravil, Safsprin)
  • Computer monitors have now a new Umbrella desktop theme

Legal stuff:

You are NOT allowed to host my mods anywhere but fpsbanana.com NOR to edit my textures and host them with your name. DO NOT STEAL MY WORK! Do NOT edit this readme either. If you want to use my mods/textures in your mods/projects/whatsoever please ASK for my permission first. I'll guarantee my approval at 99.9% so please, be correct with me.

Small Note about Raccoon City Soundpack: Hi, I tried to post the "Raccoon City Soundpack" but, due to site rules I cannot post it here. For those wanting to download it here's a proper URL on Fileden.com I'll let you know on future updates (if I can)

anyway here's the url: http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/7/7/1246763/Raccoon%20City%20Soundpack%201.0.rar

if you want comment it here.

Copyright sHoNi © 2009 All Rights Reserved

Have Fun! sHoNi


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