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Black Matte Skin Pack
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-22 15:58:00
6 просмотров
  • Black Matte Skin Pack Skin screenshot
  • Black Matte Skin Pack Skin screenshot
  • Black Matte Skin Pack Skin screenshot
  • Black Matte Skin Pack Skin screenshot
  • Black Matte Skin Pack Skin screenshot

--2 UPDATES please read below--

This release idea was suggested by ::Metal:: Recolor by Sephiris

Disclaimer: Before you rage at me for this being too basic, I want you to know I understand that there isn't much effort in the sense that there wasn't much to do. I was aiming for this to be a simple recolor. If you haven't already noticed, that's what I have been doing a bit of for left 4 dead, as I am fairly new to skinning. Now, I'm not expecting 10's because I agree, this is very basic and simple. However this is designed with people's wishes in mind, and I wanted to do a complete recolor for a while. When I heard someone else wanted it I knew I wasn't alone, so here it is. Some may find this boring and not enough effort, and I agree, it didn't take much. But, a little effort can go a long way :p. That being said, I hope those of you who decide to download this enjoy it as I have.

UPDATE After a while, I began to have a few texture issues, but it could have been just me. In case this has happened to any one else, I recreated the .vpk file, and the problem is fixed. Sorry if that happened, re-downloading it will fix it for sure.

UPDATE 2 The sniper didn't show in world view, but another change in the .vpk file has fixed that. Redownloading and replacing just

the .vpk file will fix this, sorry for that.

*Pistol not shown, but it's the one I made, already on the site. Folders are individual, so you don't have to use all of the skins provided if you do not wish to.

The following is the readme which is included.

Overall Changes

Pistol - Simply Black M16A2 - Black, silve Magazine Pump Shotgun - Black metal, wood has been changed to an orange-ish tint. Auto Shotgun - Simply Black, some silver Sniper - Also changed black, wood has orange-ish tint. Uzi - Black as well.

Basic Installation (Non-compatible with other skins)

If you have not downloaded another skin, or replaced your whitelist.cfg file, one is provided. Copy and paste it in your left4dead directory. Replace the original.

Copy the pak01_dir.vpk file provided and paste it in to your left4dead directory as well.

Copy all of the folders (pistol, shotgun, rifle, sniper, autoshot, and smg) and paste them in... "...\SteamApps\Common\Left 4 Dead\left4dead\Materials\Models\v_models\weapons" If you do not have a "weapons" folder in your "v_models" folder, simply create one.

Advanced Installation (Compatible with other skins, requires Notepad++)

DO NOT replace your pak01_dir.vpk file, you are going to edit yours.

Using Notepad++, open pak01_dir.vpk in your left4dead directory. Do the following... -CTRL+F and type Pistol. Look for "pistol_reference" on the "basetexture..." line. Add a 2 after it. (pistol_reference2) -Search Uzi. Look for the "Uzi" on the "basetexture" line. Add 2 (Uzi2) -Search M16a2. Look for the M16a2 on the "basetexture" line. Add 2 (m16a22) -Search m4super. Look for it on the "basetexture" line. Add 2 (M4super2) -Search Sniper. There are two basetexture lines for it. Add 2 to both (v_sniper_reference2) -Search Pump_shotgun. Find the basetexture line and add 2. (v_pump_shotgun_reference2

Enjoy. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions/problems.


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