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Left 4 Dead

A Trinity of Fashionable Zoeys

A Trinity of Fashionable Zoeys
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-22 14:41:32
8 просмотров
  • A Trinity of Fashionable Zoeys Skin screenshot
  • A Trinity of Fashionable Zoeys Skin screenshot
  • A Trinity of Fashionable Zoeys Skin screenshot
  • A Trinity of Fashionable Zoeys Skin screenshot
  • A Trinity of Fashionable Zoeys Skin screenshot

Vanity's Criminal Damage Zoey reskin for Left 4 Dead.

This is one of my first skins, I've done some work in other games but nothing quite as high res. XD I hope you all enjoy it and I look forward to getting some nice feedback.

Credits: Vanity: Skin outline, textures, reconstruction, texture renditions, reformat, adaptation and final touches. Valve: Base game, models and textures.

I can be contacted at: elegy@operamail.com No advertisement. ;D


1. Back up your files.

In the folder steam/steamapps//common/left4dead/left4dead/ you will find the two files "pak01_dir.vpk" and "whitelist.cfg" Make sure you back up these two, in case you want to revert back to the vanilla skin.

2. Go into the Installation files folder all the way to

materials/models/survivors/SKINS and choose either Regular Jeans or Criminal Damage Skeleton jeans. Pick the colour you want for the top, go into that folder and move the file called zoey_color2.vtf into your materials/models/survivors/teenangst folder.

3. Move everything from the Installation files folder in the .rar file to your

steam/steamapps//common/left4dead/left4dead/ folder and overwrite everything. Leaving the rest of the files where they are won't mess up anything, and might be good in case you want to switch skin later on.

4. Play the game and enjoy.

Uninstallation: To uninstall the skin, simply replace the "pak01_dir.vpk" and "whitelist.cfg" files with the backups.

UPDATE: The issue with the boomer is now fixed, simply download the file again and install it as described in the readme. UPDATE#2: I've added two more colour options and due to popular request an option to use the skin without the skeleton hands. Re-download it and new instructions are featured in the readme and above. UPDATE#3: I have modified it on 03/15/09 to work with the current patch. Redownload and reinstall as per the installation notes or if you feel you can updated it yourself follow the instructions below. UPDATE#4: Updated on 05/01/09 to work with the current patch, redownload and reinstall or use the guide featured in the readme and below to update your pak01_dir.vpk yourself.

HOW TO MAKE IT WORK WITH THE PATCH!! Thanks to Redshryke for taking the time to make a guide!

  1. Make sure you have Notepad++ (It's free).
  2. Download this skin and put all the stuff somewhere first. (Like your desktop)
  3. Like most of the author(s) of these skins say, "Make a BACKUP of your pak01 and whitelist.cfg"
  4. Open up the pak01.dir that came with this skin in Notepad++ AND also open the pak01 from the patch
  5. What I did here was press CTRL+F, which brings up the search function in Notepad++, then type in teenangst
  6. Do #5 for both the pak01 from the skin and the one from the patch When you do this, you will notice there is a difference in the numbers between the patched pak01 and the pak from the skin. What you're going to do is just mimic what was done in the pak that's included with this skin.
  7. When you first enter teenangst in to the search, you'll see that the field "models/survivors/green_iris" should be "models/survivors/green_iris2"
  8. Change ONLY what's different between the two paks. Basically, you just look what's different under teenangst between the pak from this skin and the pak from the patch, and change them accordingly. It's not hard, and I think there's only like 6 to change.
  9. After you change the green_iris to green_iris2 open the search again and type teenangst again and look for the next differences and then just save when you're done.

Do not upload this file anywhere without the authors expressed permission.


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