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ZXC Mod cvarlist

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Студия 11 Bit Studios, которую вы можете знать по This War of Mine


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Если вам есть, что скрывать, то WhatsApp может оказаться не лучшим выбором для переписки. Оказывается, принадлежащий Faceboo


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Плагин : EndMapCustom
Версия : 1.7.4
Автор : BIGs

Описание :

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Компания 2K Games поделилась первыми официальными скриншотами


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Представлен трейлер к запуску последнего сюжетного дополнения


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Компания EA подготовила трейлер о кастомизации машин 


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Компания Wargaming запустила серию исторических видео


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Компания Бука выпустила свежий ролик Agents of Mayhem с русскими субтитрами.


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Свежий тизер-трейлер Destiny 2 позволяет кратко взглянуть


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Компания Funcom выпустила ролик свежего обновления 28 для Conan Exiles.


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Компания Dark Horse анонсировала крупный артбук по Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus


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Студия Hangar 13 подготовила первый взгляд на последнее дополнение


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Компания EA объявила о новом расширении коллекции


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Второй сезон Minecraft: Story Mode обзавелся полноценным трейлером


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Студия 4A Games три года разрабатывала Metro Exodus


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Компания Kalypso Media выпустила 30-секундный геймплейный трейлер


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Разработчикам Call Of Duty: WW2 на форуме Reddit


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Представлена свежая запись геймплея Sea of Thieves с E3 2017.


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Static Age Zoey
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-22 18:12:25
19 просмотров
  • Static Age Zoey Skin screenshot
  • Static Age Zoey Skin screenshot
  • Static Age Zoey Skin screenshot
  • Static Age Zoey Skin screenshot
  • Static Age Zoey Skin screenshot

Static Age Zoey - Version 1.0a

Valve textures in place: hand & foot/leg flesh textures, belt, lower shirt, shoes, face flesh.

Modified Valve textures: fingernails, lips, eyes, uppershirt, stitching for pants

Original textures: jacket, pants, collar, lip ring, tattoos, fishnet,

"Acquired" textures from the fantastic and terrifying interwebs: Iron Maiden "Killers", Killing Joke patch, Misfits Skull and logo, Samhain/Danzig logo, "Alice and Cheshire Cat", British flag, hammer & sickle, "The Joker", tribal biohazard.

The bumpmaps are also modified -- actually, I ripped Francis' vest bumps to fit Zoey's jacket and added a bump for the lip ring -- I'm still not sure how well that's working. Feedback welcome.

Also -- Yeah, I know there's a problem with her lips during the "smile" animations. I haven't figured that one out yet, if anyone has a clue... I'd love to hear it.

I do plan on editing the rest of the textures for this, I just want to get some feedback from people actually using it before I continue.

If anyone is interested, I'll probably end up skinning the other three survivors and working on from there.

Requests will be considered between beers.

Have fun.

Edit - Allegra has reported that this package caused some problems and had a virus issue. I took a look at the package and did find that I screwed up with one of the textures (specifically, zoey_color2.vtf was my original .vtf export from Photoshop. For some reason, CS4 isn't exporting .vtf's properly, so I've had to export to .tga and then import/export in VTFEdit. So, that's done and has decreased the size of the archive from 22 to 16 Mb.

I would definitely recommend redownloading this and replacing the zoey_color2.vtf. That texture was too bloody big.

As for virus issues... I've double checked the VM image that I work in, source psd, vtf and tga images, the export directory and both the original and replacement .rar and have found nothing via AVG (non-free) as well as ClamAV on my server. I'd appreciate it if someone else could scan their existing copies or the new one and tell me if they find anything nasty.



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