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Shredder Pipe Wrench
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-04-10 06:24:43
12 просмотров
  • Shredder Pipe Wrench Skin screenshot
  • Shredder Pipe Wrench Skin screenshot
  • Shredder Pipe Wrench Skin screenshot
  • Shredder Pipe Wrench Skin screenshot
  • Shredder Pipe Wrench Skin screenshot


This mod was done for the GameBanana Original Weapons Contest.

Introducing the latest innovation from Keith's shed... the Pipe Wrench: Survivor Deluxe Edition.

Tired of your old, boring machete? Has slicing up the living dead become a chore? Then throw that shit away and order yours today! Thanks to the IKATU Shredder blade technology, our product is the only multi-purpose zombie apocalypse tool you will ever need, and has many uses besides cutting shit up. Use it on your face for that extra, EXTRA close shave she'll just love! Pick stray flesh and brain matter out of your teeth! Carve an ice sculpture! Flip pancakes! Stick it in the ground for a reliable sundial, cut out a spooky mask from whatever's around, get your papier mâché project started right, or duct tape it to your face as a bold fashion statement! Use it as a backscratcher, an intimidating paperweight, or even a wrench! Chuck it at your neighbor! We don't care!

Don't delay, order yours today!


  • Replaces the Machete from L4D2.
  • The main mod file modifies models and textures.
  • Includes custom animations by Doktor Haus.
  • Includes custom blood textures as seen in screenshots.
  • The download includes optional Sounds and HUD icon on separate VPK files.

*Please note that the HUD icon will not work online, and that the Sounds will affect ALL melee weapons. This is why these exxtras are made optional, sorry.


Textures in video are WIP, refer to screenshot for final blood texture.

3D Preview

Don't take the 3D preview too seriously, shading in-game looks slightly different.


  • Steam Workshop (Coming soon!)

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