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Left 4 Dead 2

Candy Cane (for Frying Pan/Crowbar)

Candy Cane (for Frying Pan/Crowbar)
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-04-10 08:16:55
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  • Candy Cane (for Frying Pan/Crowbar) Skin screenshot
  • Candy Cane (for Frying Pan/Crowbar) Skin screenshot
  • Candy Cane (for Frying Pan/Crowbar) Skin screenshot
  • Candy Cane (for Frying Pan/Crowbar) Skin screenshot
  • Candy Cane (for Frying Pan/Crowbar) Skin screenshot
  • Candy Cane (for Frying Pan/Crowbar) Skin screenshot


A Candy Cane!

No wait, two actually - there's a version for the Crowbar (because i know i would have gotten requests for it :P), and my originally intended Frying Pan version. I recommend using the Frying Pan version since the sound files for it are longer and you can hear better Strelok's work :) On the Crowbar the original sounds are shorter so i had to edit them a bit to avoid having to redo sounds cache an so on.

The screenshots above show the Frying Pan version, except the last one, which shows the crowbar version view model.

The crowbar version is smaller so that it doesn't get too much in the way. The Frying Pan version is bigger since the view model pose doesn't occlude the center of the screen.

Thanks to a recent patch in L4D2, all melee weapons use exclusive sound files, so this time sounds are included in the main VPK file and they should not override any other weapons.

Finally, note that if you install both versions, the game's addons menu will mark them in red as conflicting - do not worry, they share the same texture files and that causes the conflict but it shouldn't cause any trouble. I could have used different paths for the textures but then they would be loaded twice and that didn't feel right either.


Also, if you want to compile to other games, model submission with PSDs can be found here!


  • Replaces the Frying Pan/Crowbar from L4D2.
  • The main mod file modifies models, textures and sounds.
  • Uses the original animations from VALVe.
  • Includes custom blood textures as seen in screenshots.
  • Includes jiggle bones for Bow and Bells.


This videos shows the Crobar Version. If anyone wants to do a video for the Frying Pan version let me know and i'll add it here!

3D Preview

Don't take the 3D preview too seriously, shading in-game looks slightly different.


Rate and Comment, thanks!


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