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Project REALISM: Left4Dead 2
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-02-04 16:49:54
12 просмотров
  • Project REALISM: Left4Dead 2 Skin screenshot
  • Project REALISM: Left4Dead 2 Skin screenshot
  • Project REALISM: Left4Dead 2 Skin screenshot
  • Project REALISM: Left4Dead 2 Skin screenshot
  • Project REALISM: Left4Dead 2 Skin screenshot

[Mod Info] NOTICE: Due to a withhold of a few packs of mine, there are reuploads in progress/redone. I will keep the previous links available for those who want separate downloads. Project: REALISM has moved to Left4Dead 2 for a few specific reasons. -The skins don't work on Left4Dead anymore as of the Sacrifice update. -Anytime I tried editing a single LETTER of my pak01 file, it'd give me an error on game open. -Fixed everything up for Left4Dead 2 standards.

[Q&A] Will you be posting up human Boomer and Witch too? Eventually, yes. At the moment I've run into some.. minor, issues with the infected skins. Mainly the fact that Valve COMPLETELY changed the layout so I couldn't just simple copy/paste over the skins from the L4D version. You've been posting a lot of L4D2 stuff lately, why is that? Do you like Left4Dead 2 more now? No. Actually, there are a LOT of issues I have with Left4Dead 2. The game is filled with bugs containing anything from Hitbox issues (for the new infected, melee, etc.), Physics Issues (which means there are solids in places there shouldn't be), and so on. But modding Left4Dead has become rather.. difficult since the Sacrifice has come out. We'll see what happens. Didn't you say you had a Left4Dead Hunter Human Soundpack coming out months ago? Yes, I did. I, Joshua "JayXsane" Halvorsen, do the voice of the Hunter in the soundpack that I'll be releasing when I gather the right tools. (additional question from the above one) Will you be releasing the soundpack for Left4Dead 2 as well? If I find the time, yes. I have a rather busy schedule at the moment so give it some time.

â•“DOWNLOAD HEREâ•– Zoey: http://www.mediafire.com/?6269kcu5twym88t *Bill: http://www.mediafire.com/?b29f1718771ao3g Francis: http://www.mediafire.com/?nbm8l7ftj9qq5kf Louis: http://www.mediafire.com/?47cb92j29oosbgl Nick: http://www.mediafire.com/?aq351nnd71dn5ob Rochelle: http://www.mediafire.com/?q6eal291gpz11be Coach: http://www.mediafire.com/?jfsf7tdurukwq0u Ellis: http://www.mediafire.com/?a9xogw220he0acu

*My Bill skin can also be found in the Halloween 2010 Skin Mod I did.

â•“Update (January 2nd, 2011)â•– Despite how fucking GAY this new layout is I'm still updating this way. Requested by MetzxMeister I removed the "I hate Vampires" from Francis' head, and the Joker on Nick's jacket but the originals are still available for download above. The new versions are below.

â•“Update (November 18th, 2010)â•– Thanks to mikester112, The Zoey-Boomed bughas been fixed and an updated release has been posted above.

â•“Version 2 (Ellis and Rochelleâ•– At the request of LolzMan1325, I adjusted Ellis and Rochelle SLIGHTLY. Rochelle's face is more like the original one (with all the makeup, I just removed the scars) and Ellis' beard is completely gone. If you have an issue with Rochelle's face, take it up with Valve since all I did was remove the scars. If you have an issue with Ellis' new face, again take it up with Valve because all I really did was piece HIS skin together to cover it more.

This Version (2) of these two have new screens, which can be viewed via below's link.

────Previous Versions/Alternate Downloads Project: Realism (L4D2) Main Download Page: http://bit.ly/dCZv3X Project: Realism (L4D2) MORE/FULL Screens: http://bit.ly/dClzO8 Version 2 Ellis: http://bit.ly/cHitkH Version 2 Rochelle: http://bit.ly/cWtB6B Version 2 Francis: http://bit.ly/gYpKvR Version 2 Nick: http://bit.ly/hotWD6


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