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Это плагин который способен изменить GameDescription вашего сервера . это можно использовать в целях рекламы и т.д

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L4D2 - Silverized AWP
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-24 02:14:33
10 просмотров
  • L4D2 - Silverized AWP Skin screenshot
  • L4D2 - Silverized AWP Skin screenshot
  • L4D2 - Silverized AWP Skin screenshot
  • L4D2 - Silverized AWP Skin screenshot
  • L4D2 - Silverized AWP Skin screenshot

-9th April Birthday release! Cause I care about my skins, also on my birthday!-

Well another personal Skin. I like the music of X-Ray Dog, trailer music or not there is always always a good atmospheare when I play with their songs. The skin is another Free-Software made Skin but this time I took a look in the AWP skins section cause I had to get some good Ideas, well and you see what came out: Silver and black.... againe.

Well this time with a ref map! I took 5 skins and took a look at the ref map to know what this is meant to be, so first refmap don't be rude. The w-texutre don't have a refmap cause I made one which looked stupid and it bugged and I still dunno why.

I also noticed that there is a soundbug in vunsutas sound, just follow this tutorial and everything should be fine/otherwise just watch that skin I'll update everythign soon:


-Thanks to Lolzman-

If you have installation problems or something, or wishes I want suggestions everytime cause I'm pretty creative but not everything I do is worth a release so give me some Ideas, I will make whole big idea with other small ideas.

What else can I say? Paint.NET is my first choice tool, but I see if I can get Photoshop. Oh and yeah! I know you guys don't like Screenshots (especially shitty ones like mine, and I really hate screenshots cause they tell you nothing about the skin) so I made a video and uploaded it(cause I care that people can also rate my skin who don't have L4D2):

I hope you like this hurried up release and yeah again, .vpk for easy install and a dev version for the people who want to edit, or the people who cannot believ I made this on my own so they can check it :D

If you like it Vote! IF your a troll stop rating sounds 0 cause there is no coustom model (the guy knows who he is, and I don't call names!)

Next coming up:

Rammstein/cannibal Corpse (fits l4d2 ehh?) Stage for Carnival Sig Reskin ME as coach Elvis for nick (maybe hurrrrr)


P.S.: SevenZero rocks!


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