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Left 4 Dead 2

L4D2 - Steyer Scout Skin !UPDATED!

L4D2 - Steyer Scout Skin !UPDATED!
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-24 01:57:39
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  • L4D2 - Steyer Scout Skin !UPDATED! Skin screenshot
  • L4D2 - Steyer Scout Skin !UPDATED! Skin screenshot
  • L4D2 - Steyer Scout Skin !UPDATED! Skin screenshot
  • L4D2 - Steyer Scout Skin !UPDATED! Skin screenshot
  • L4D2 - Steyer Scout Skin !UPDATED! Skin screenshot

My absolutly first released work on Source!

I gotta say the skin have a personal touch with the Rammstein logos on. I found it pretty suitable cause the Scout normally is just avaible for german gamers so I thought yeah why not adding the Logos of the band which I'm listening to while I made that skin!

It wasn't so ahrd work but well I had to learn first everything like importing Textures, editing that the textures doesn't looks awful, getting the right format of the sound (just wav compression doesn't do the job). And well thats the thing that came out. An pretty ugly Skin I didn't think I release.

I hope some of you like it, I'm already planning on the other CSS weapons and of course the normal weapons in L4D2! My next release is maybe a Rammstein Stage for Carnival but thats still WiP.

Big Thanks to Futon! I didn't think he would let me use his sounds but yeah he done! Thanks man! You helped me a lot!

Main Skin notes:

Installation is easy and hard way: I packed a vpk which the most of you use and also an editor version with the textures not beeing in a vpk. You can also check out the textures and edit them if you want.

I friend of me said my skin looks pretty similar to another skin in CSS section I checked it out but I didn't find anything, I wanna say this skin is 100% done by myself (well I used the original counterstrike textures cause my VPK opening program said my L4D files are crypted) and yeah there is no credit theft, every author who helped/worked on this is above!

Here a Video (cause I think screenshots are ugly!):

A little note to the DevNotes:

I coded new plugins for Paint.NET so I can do this skin properly but a little "mistake" made some texture parts screwed and now they look like dark blue. But that the skin have in a way S.T.A.L.K.E.R. looking is not a mistake, I wanted this!

Current work which is going to be done next few weeks: -AWP -Chainsaw (of course) -Lasersights (planning a animated texture, rainbow like you know) -Machete

Well a lot of stuff has been said for such noob work, I hope you like and if not you can do your own =)


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