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Arm's Green Plastic Men V.2
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-03-09 02:30:31
16 просмотров
  • Arm's Green Plastic Men V.2 Skin screenshot
  • Arm's Green Plastic Men V.2 Skin screenshot
  • Arm's Green Plastic Men V.2 Skin screenshot
  • Arm's Green Plastic Men V.2 Skin screenshot
  • Arm's Green Plastic Men V.2 Skin screenshot
  • Arm's Green Plastic Men V.2 Skin screenshot
  • Arm's Green Plastic Men V.2 Skin screenshot



To install Green Plastic Men V.2 extract the corresponding .pk3 to your main, mainta and/or maintt folders.

Allied Assault - Main Spearhead - Mainta Breakthrough - Maintt


Works with all versions of the game but applying the latest patches is recommended.

Delete any previous versions of the mod from your folder. This mod is not compatible with certain weapon mods. (ie. Reskins, new models etc...) or Singleplayer mods (ie. new tiki files or reskinned soldiers)

However, this mod is completely compatible with player skins as it does not overwrite any stock textures that may be used for custom skins.


This mod was made entirely by armdude. Contact me at (armdude101@gmail.com) before using any or all parts of this conversion in your own mod and I will gladly oblige to your usage of this mod as long as you leave credit.


  1. Quite a bit if not all of the static models in singleplayer and multiplayer maps are not edited.

  2. Certain things on vehicles are not edited.

  3. Sprites may appear very bright or are off color.

  4. Edited models in certain lighting appear extremely dark.

  5. Enemy weapons being used by Allies will stay tan or gray. (I have no idea how to fix this)

Most of these will be fixed a 2.1 release later on.

If you've found a bug, leave a comment on the file telling me where and what it is. Or you can email me (see above address)


This version of Green Plastic Men is in partnership with Joshua Garrett's Plastic Warfare Mod for Team Fortress 2.


To Christian Busch for inspiring me to restart this mod and providing insightful ideas through the whole making of this second version. Not to mention testing and giving me very useful feedback the whole time. Thanks man!



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