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Player Model Dante
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-04-10 09:08:51
17 просмотров
  • Player Model Dante Skin screenshot
  • Player Model Dante Skin screenshot
  • Player Model Dante Skin screenshot
  • Player Model Dante Skin screenshot
  • Player Model Dante Skin screenshot

Recompiled Skin To NMRiH

Original Game; Devil May Cry 4

Original Authors; Capcom

Notes; Very detailed model we have here. Its a shame I had to compress the textures, they lost some quality this way :( Had some problems with the rigging, pretty complicated mesh, you might experience clipping here and there. Tried my best to avoid it tho and i think it worked well for the CS:S anims. However, the coat wasnt meant to be rigged to the legs and the damn spine joints where always there where he wears a belt or something -.- So it may have some clipping as a ragdoll.

Uses some features of the new engine, its also compiled with the orangebox SDK. I didnt go to deep into testing with him, guess youll tell me if somethings wrong :)

Dante and Rebellion (the sword) are stored in bodygroups, so u can either hide Dante or the sword.

Has eyeballposing, dont take that feature to serious, i was just playing around :shock: Use toeposer tool to pose his eyeballs, do it carefully, since toeposer has a limit of 180° if i remember right.

You will need sourcemod, metamod and the plugin sm _ skinchooser _ hl2dm to make this skin work.

Let me know if I should do more skins to nmrih!


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