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Akatosh Mount
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-17 18:58:22
14 просмотров
  • Akatosh Mount Skin screenshot
  • Akatosh Mount Skin screenshot
1) New Animations for ground travel with semi-folded wings to allow better views.

2) New AI Commands - Summon, Summon your prefered Drake to your side. - Follow, Your Drake will follow you anywhere he can normally go. - Stay, Your Drake will stay in the area you told him to. - Calm, De-Aggro your drake for 20 seconds he will not attack anything - Rest, Your Drake will lay down and rest his health back - Stay's until you "Wake" him. - Wake, To wake you Drake from "Rest" State. - Saddlebags, A container assigned to all the Drake's for storage. - Return Home, Your Drake will return to his home worldspace.

3) Rest Command - Drake becomes destroyed so you cant mount or even interact with him while he is resting, this is nessessary, because if you try to mount him while he is resting bad things happen.

4) Saddlebags - You must be within 150 units of your drake for this command to function.

5) All 5 Drakes are now supported in the package, no need to toy with the textures

6) All 5 Drakes now support custom particle systems I created them to be interchangeable within the animations so I can easily alter any one I need to or add or remove systems at will with just a re-export of the calling animation.

7) Akatosh models will for now on, until I give each one a real name, be named Fire Drake, Frost Drake, Shadow Drake, Earth Drake, Storm Drake. Graded Cheese Drake not supported. :)

8) Updated skin info yet again to help support the new animations better.

9) There has been some confusion concerning when they die - they respawn in 3 game days time - they do not respawn at thier spawn point they respawn where they died !!! they are persistant and there for do not have a spawn point to respawn at. you can ofcourse call any of them to you, even if they are dead the move to the player still works thier corpse will get moved to your location.

If one dies you can just change to a different Drake until the dead one re-spawns and is ready for use again. I tested this within an oblivion gate killed 3 of the 5 dragons summoned the 4th left him there then finished the place off. On the Outside I was able to call any of the Drakes I wanted to the dead ones just dropped on me still dead :) and the living ones were good to go.


If you have used a previous version of this mod un-install it, and resave your game without any version enabled. then install this version and enable it.

Upon loading into a game you will be given a spell "Mount Selection" cast this for the option of which Drake you want to play with. This wil give you a new spell depenting on your choice that houses all the Mount Commands for the Drake you chose.

You can at any time re-cast "Mount Selection" to change your current Controlled Drake - the spell will un-summon your old Drake and de-activate all the Scripts/Quests for the uncalled Drakes and Activate all the Scripts/Quests for your new choice it will also trade the old Drake commands spell for the new one.


  • Movement - Normal horse movement for all forward backward movements.
  • Fling requires you to be in runmode - tilt up to fly up and down to fly down.
  • Ground Walking Mode - Requires you to be in Walk Mode - normal horse controls for movement.


Unzip the contents into your oblivion directory.

All the Akatosh.nif's and all the .kf's

--->Data Meshes SaidenStorm Creatures AkatoshMount

All the .dds textures

--->Data Textures SaidenStorm Creatures Akatosh


--->Data Meshes SaidenStorm Activators Mounted Flight

Akatosh Mount By SaidenStorm.esp


Release 1.9 contains a .7zip and an omod for ease of installation.


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