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Regeneration Ring
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-19 05:56:27
20 просмотров
  • Regeneration Ring Skin screenshot
  • Regeneration Ring Skin screenshot
  • Regeneration Ring Skin screenshot

Regeneration rings

Open Beta v.01

Credits Mad Mole for coming up with this great idea!

Me...? for being a son of a @&%! and moved his work into a new direction

Overview: I have added these rings below to Tamriel. PS. my very first mod - be gentle lol XD


2 rings for health 1 is for mid level and another for mid-high level

2 rings for magicka exactly like the one above

2 rings for fatigue exactly like the one above

he rings are made for regenerating health/magicka/fatigue OUTSIDE battle.

The stats of the rings made it one of the worst possible battle equipment there is.

The rings that is in this open beta testing are as follows: 2 rings of health with one for mid level and another for high level players. 2 rings of magicka with one for mid and another for high level players.

2 rings of fatigue with one for mid and another for high level players.

Useless ramblings: Because of the nature of the players around the world being very unique, I placed all of the rings in a container.

The container is placed in wind cave (south of chorrol,west from hackdirt). I open this as a beta so people can give their comments wheter this is overpowered for the respective level or it is correctly done.

I guess this is a bit like cheat since it provide the atronach using birth sign an advantage..

Bugs and Known Issues: A minor problem on the rings - 3 rings couldn't be used together simultaniously even with unlimited ring mod. (altough that might be my bad - I used 50+ mod while playing and testing this). No compability issues other than that. Any bugs and Issues contact me on TESNEXUS

Installation: simply put the .esp file into your Oblivion/data, this is a simple mod it should not conflict anything nor does it need any meshes and/or textures. everything needed for this to work is just the oblivion to work properly. (might need the 1.2 patch [I used 1.2])

Usage: I allowed all of the ideas in my work to be used in any kind of way, BUT if you are using this for profit (lol, highly unlikely) please share your profits? please? :3. Anyway just put the proper credits and do not forget crediting Mad Mole for the 1st with the idea and guts to do it.

Pls GIVE CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACKs! and also please rate accordingly.

Next goal v.02: new balanced stats according to feedbacks and moved the ring

to a vendor with his/her own place.

PPS. I was gonna throw in the model for V.02 but the system won't let me choose this to be rated under Functionality, and originality so i had to put in realism - not realism yet :(


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