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Rumare Priory Version 1.1
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-15 22:56:22
12 просмотров
  • Rumare Priory Version 1.1 Skin screenshot
  • Rumare Priory Version 1.1 Skin screenshot
  • Rumare Priory Version 1.1 Skin screenshot

Rumare Is a small Priory Located by lake Rumare, near the Imperial City. It houses a few priests who are rather, different.

Directions Come out of the Imperial city and you will have the stables on your right. Take/Steal/Buy A horse and ride straight ahead, across the long bridge. Just as you past Weye, talke a left and keep riding forawds. You will eventually come across it.

I felt that Oblivion needed more churches in and around the area as there are not too many considering the size of it.

I have taken on updating it myself, and hope you enjoy the mod!

Change log

Father Daros now makes a Pilgrimage to Weynon Priory Every Sunday.

The Brothers and sisters of the priory now have schedules, so they dont stand there aimlessly.

Added Dialogue to Father Daros, requesting healing. He will now give you a key, to access

the priory's storage of potions. If you lose this key, simply ask him for healing again and he will give you a new one.

Moved some items around because of Clipping and glitchyness.


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