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Плагин : EndMapCustom
Версия : 1.7.4
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Описание :

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A big pile of mess
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-04-10 19:31:32
47 просмотров
  • A big pile of mess Skin screenshot
  • A big pile of mess Skin screenshot
  • A big pile of mess Skin screenshot
  • A big pile of mess Skin screenshot
  • A big pile of mess Skin screenshot
  • A big pile of mess Skin screenshot
  • A big pile of mess Skin screenshot


This archive contains quite a lot of modified textures used by miscellaneous weapons and gun-modifications in payday2.It goes from barely noticeable edits you can only see in the ingame model-viewer,from much more obvious things like for instance synthetic furniture for the AK. The archive contains both new things I've been working on over time,and my old uploads aswell (wich some of these have been tweaked in the meantime).This is why you must make sure to delete any of my older mods before installing this.If you don't then you're not concerned.

The mods have been split up in two main subfolders,one being the main archive,the other containing some bonus stuff.Before you try to install any of the "extra" mods please take a look at the readme file,since there are some variations of textures affecting the same things you may want to be careful about what you're doing here.

Here is a listing of what the archive contains,remember that in every single mod archives there is a preview picture showing what the mod changes:

-"main" archive:

.ak_skeletalstock_no76 It just removes the "76" number on the AK skeletol stock

.ak_woodengrip_no_tape It removes the tape on the AK wooden grip (courrier DLC).It also tweaks the color a bit,trying to give some consistency with all the wooden parts of the AK rifles (the normal map has been tweaked since former release)

.aug_olive_pack It recolors the steyr aug into an olive-ish green.Both the standart aug body and the F90 item are supported.

.black_polymer_flashlight It recolors the pistols polymer flashlight item,making it all black.

.black_USP_no_match It changes the color of most USP pistol parts into black,something that matches the frame color better.The "match" slide is available but it's separated from this archive,it's located in the "extra" folder.It also add the "match" text on the match-slide compensator.(the standart slide has been tweaked since former release)

.darker_famas It makes the famas look a bit darker.

.FAL_wooden_foregrip_reskinned It makes the wooden foregrip of the FAL rifle look much closer to the wooden stock.

.galil_dark_furniture It changes the color of the sniper foregrip,wooden stock and sniper stock to a darker looking wood.It also remove the small "shadow" effects on the sniper stock,as barely noticeable as it was.

.galil_reskinned_foregrip It changes the color of the standart foregrip to a ligher looking wood.Something close to the unchanged sniper foregrip and stock.

.hk21_barrels_and_grips It makes all the barrels of the HK21 look black,it also changes the colors of the grips (standart grip color matches the receiver,while ergo grip color matches the stock).

.KSG_recolored_sight It makes the KSG flip-up sight look black.

.l86_delightgrip_to_standart I didn't like the tape on the L86 delightful grip,so I just replaced it with the standart tapeless grip.A texture swap job,plain and simple,but maybe you'll like it.

.m4_no_barecode It removes the barcode on the back of the m4.

.m16_stag_reskinned It makes the long ergo foregrip of the m16 a bit darker.

.mp5_notext_mag It removes the visible text on the mp5 standart magazine.

.P226_reskinned_longslide It changes the colors of the P226 long slide,so it looks like the frame of the gun.

.PPK_reskinned_longslide It changes the colors of the PPK long slide,so it looks like the frame of the gun.(I added a little twist in the meantime)

.reskinned_L5_magazine It removes the dots and change the color a bit.

.reskinned_m4para_dlc_foregrip It changes the color of the aftermarket shorty item for the m4 para to a lighter grey.It also tries to make the underpart of the item look...less miserable (does it succeed? :x)

.skorpion_darker_ergogrip It makes the ergo grip of the skorpion look black.

.synthetic_ak Probably the most interesting feature of the entire archive.It will turn the core wooden furniture of the AK rifles (foregrip and classic stock) into synthetic parts.It also changes the color of the AK74 standart magazine into black.

-"extra" archive:

.ak_misc_green_items It changes the colors of the AK rubber grip and plastic grip into green,something similar to the lightweight rail in order to make your AK looking closer to the AK rifle from payday: the heist.It also changes the color of the moscow special rail so you can have the same effect with the aksu (I added some tweaks to the rail since former release)

.ak_wooden_items_colorfix It tries to make the colors of AK wooden furniture (foregrip and classic stock) looking consistent.A subtle change,if done properly?(the wooden grips also had their color tweaked,thought they are part of different mod archives)

.ak_woodengrip_tweaked Same thing than previous one,tweaks the color of the AK wooden grip.This is the version you need if you want to keep the tape.

.black_USP_match It makes the match slide of the USP looking black.If you don't like the silverish look of the default texture,use this.

.galil_sniperstock_tweaked It gives better color consistency between the sniper foregrip and the sniper stock of the galil rifle.It also removes the small "shadow" parts on the sniper stock.

.m4_recolored_lr300grip It changes the color of the aftermarket special handguard of the m4 look more greyish.

.tan_aug_(standart_body_only) It makes the standart body of the steyr aug look yellowish TAN.Using this mod archive will not affect the olive-recolored F90 body item.

.SG552 A simple idea that got horribly messy for some stupid reasons.There's a note included in the archive that will give you more details about installation.Ho and while I'm at it,it will makes the green parts look darker,and "can" make some parts located at the front of the rifle look black.


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