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Olive UAR
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-04-10 15:59:15
12 просмотров
  • Olive UAR Skin screenshot
  • Olive UAR Skin screenshot
  • Olive UAR Skin screenshot
  • Olive UAR Skin screenshot

Olive UAR recolor (Steyr AUG)


This is a simple recolor of the Payday2 Steyr AUG,it now has a more classic looking olive-green color instead of the vanilla black texture.

This mod will conflict with any other Steyr AUG custom skins (both the gun itself and the magasine).


You have two ways to install it:a .pdmod archive to be used within the PDmodtool,or a manual install archive (there's no need to use both at the same time,so choose one and delete the other):

.the ".pdmod":that's the one to use if you're familiar with the PDmodtool.Just put it in the "mods" folder located inside your PDmodtool folder,or wherever you stored any others mods running in your game already.Then launch the PDmodtool,"add" the new mod and "apply" it,like you certainly did it already with others mods (If you're using PDmodtool 1.16,make sure "mod_overrides" is checked for better support of further official game updates).

.the manual install:At this point I'm not sure how much this thing is reliable,but ever since Overkill introduced the "mod_overrides" folder,the mod support should now be much better than before.Just extract the "assets" folder in your main "PAYDAY 2" folder,click "yes" for any overwrite confirmations required.


.recolored stuff: cheese

.vanilla texture: Overkill Software


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