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(Not so)Epic Chell P2
Добавил: Tiratore
2015-10-01 14:39:36
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  • (Not so)Epic Chell P2 Skin screenshot
  • (Not so)Epic Chell P2 Skin screenshot
  • (Not so)Epic Chell P2 Skin screenshot

------ PORTAL 2 CHELL RESKIN --------

This is my first .vpk edit, but it does work.

Basically, I was tired of seeing Chell in her orange Jumpsuit in Portal 1, so I made it a black jumpsuit, and, for the fun of it, gave her Renamon stickers on her gloves, and rainbow socks.

I was working on a Portal Gun redo, using the CS:S hands for the base, and I gave her the Renamon Stickers, just for the fun of it, so I thought I'd bring that back for this Chell.

The story I though about for her was; Chell McArthur, age 18, was captured at the first "Bring your Daughter to Work Day" science collab. she wasn't feeling that good that day, so she was wearing her most favorite pajamas, and the shirt her boyfriend got for her.

The robots, after knocking her unconsious with the neurotoxins, threw the jumpsuit on her over her pajamas.

When she was testing in Portal 1, she was to deluded and/or watched to change out of it, but, in Portal 2, when she was first woken up after 30 days in suspension, tied the first half of her suit around her waist. It was a lot cooler, and gave her a bit more breathing and elbow room.

when her Advanced Knee Replacement shattered due to GLaDOS exploding, she managed to find a pair of Long Fall Boots in the closet of her Long Term Relaxation, as well as a Coffe Machine. Which explains her expression in P2.

EDIT: The pictures don't show the socks very well, and I forgot to place the .vtf in the folder. They're in now. Sorry!


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