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Portal 2

Black Edition - Quality Restored 2.4

Black Edition - Quality Restored 2.4
Добавил: Tiratore
2015-10-01 14:34:16
14 просмотров
  • Black Edition - Quality Restored 2.4 Skin screenshot
  • Black Edition - Quality Restored 2.4 Skin screenshot
  • Black Edition - Quality Restored 2.4 Skin screenshot
  • Black Edition - Quality Restored 2.4 Skin screenshot
  • Black Edition - Quality Restored 2.4 Skin screenshot
  • Black Edition - Quality Restored 2.4 Skin screenshot
  • Black Edition - Quality Restored 2.4 Skin screenshot

UPDATE: This mod now works with the Portal 2 Summer Sale Update.

After Spending Years re-living her painful death over and over every two minutes GLaDOS decided that the facility should adopt a new look to match it's new surroundings. (And the facilities white paint had dried into solid rock)

I took care when creating this pack to make sure that practically all of the original quality was kept.

UPDATE 2.4: Fixed all errors in the .vpk, any errors you receive will not be due to these files, most likely you have placed them wrong.


*Removed A line from pak01_dir.vpk which caused missing cube textures.


*Added Black Edition PoTaTOS view model and world model (GLaDOS as a potato on your portal gun) UPDATE 2.0:

*New in 2.0 is an optional darker version of some models that were on the gray side, they may still look gray but it's the darkest I could get them without a large amount of quality loss (see last image).

*Added a reskin for the weighted sphere that I missed out (I did not alter the skin as Valve already supplied it I just changed the name)

This mod will alter the appearance of :

-Wheatley (clean and dirty skin)

-All Corrupt Cores (Look like wheatley with different eyes)

-GLaDOS (in every area)

-Turret boxes

-Weighted cubes

-Reflector Cube

-Turrets (Old,New.Trash,Rust,Broken)

-Weighted Sphere

As well as a few other objects.

Note I: BOBA FETT's portal gun skin is NOT included with this mod, I have created a different .vpk file for those who wish to use both his and my mod consecutively without the hassle. His portal gun re-skin can be found here:


Note II: Back up your pak01_dir.vpk before installing this mod.

Install: Extract this archive to : C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\portal 2\portal2


If you have installed Boba Fett's black portal gun reskin then use the compatible pak01_dr.vpk located in the folder inside this Archive then follow the above step.

Uninstall: Replace Folders with original backups


Delete each file individually and edit pak01_dir.vpk back to default (Recommended for advanced users only)

Note III: Just to confirm I edited these skins from scratch and did not copy from LilRobot as I already had this pack in creation when his/her Wheatley skin was uploaded.

If you believe black reskins ruin the Aperture Science feel then do not rate or download however I personally think that black reskins suit that darkness of portal 2's environment.


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