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Knights Hospitaller
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-19 01:22:34
13 просмотров
  • Knights Hospitaller Skin screenshot
  • Knights Hospitaller Skin screenshot
  • Knights Hospitaller Skin screenshot
  • Knights Hospitaller Skin screenshot
  • Knights Hospitaller Skin screenshot

Having done the Knights Templar back in February, I wanted to do a few more military orders, to create some more variation. The Knights Hospitaller were the next obvious ones to take on. Much like my previous Knights Templar modification, this updates the Knight team so that they appear as the Knights Hospitaller. This changes both the heavy knight and archer, as well as the various flags and banners in the game. I deliberately didn't touch the heavy knight's chainmail as it creates a good constrast with the black armour plating. As with the Knights Templar modification, two shields are available: a straight Hospitaller shield of a white cross on a black background, or a slightly more fancy shield with a red Jerusalem cross on a black and white background. Both shields include HUD sprites, appropriate normal mapping and modified view models.

I've based the various insignia and clothing on reference pictures and drawings of the Hospitaller Order. The flags, banners and shields were made from photographs of the reference material. I'm liable to do a Teutonic Order version later down the line, just to cover the three major orders of the time.

  • This package replaces the textures for the heavy knight, the knight's shield and various knight insignias in Pirates, Vikings and Knights II.
  • There are two options available for the shield: a standard black Knights Hospitaller cross or a variant with a red cross on a black and white background with gold trim.
  • The texture resolutions are the default sizes.
  • The package includes normal maps and phong shading where appropriate.

Heavy knight skin - Sabre, using materials by Pest and ArabTheViking Archer skin - Pest, modified by Sabre Arm textures - Sabre Knights' banner - Sabre Knights' flag - Sabre White cross shield - Sabre Red cross shield - Sabre Sprites - Sabre

Date of original release: 03 March 2008 Version 1.0

NOTE: I again apologise for the quality of the screenshots. As previously stated, getting good screenshots in PVKII is surprisingly difficult.


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