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Soldiers of Gondor
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-19 09:15:54
13 просмотров
  • Soldiers of Gondor Skin screenshot
  • Soldiers of Gondor Skin screenshot
  • Soldiers of Gondor Skin screenshot

A conversion for the knights team in PVKII, turning them into soldiers of Gondor. This has been in development since July, so I'm rather hoping my efforts aren't wasted. The skins have been based on reference material from the Lord of the Rings film triology. The heavy knight is based on the uniforms of standard Gondor footmen and the Citadel guards, whilst the archer is based on the garb of the Ithilien Rangers. Whilst not entirely accurate, they are as close as I can get to the reference material without remodelling the player models. Some of the detail on the skins isn't easily visible in-game, but is there to try and make it as comprehensive as possible. Some weapon recolours have been thrown in for the archer, because the default light wood does not suit the player skins. Sprites, insignias, flags, and shield are included.

I apologise for the individual images of the knight and archer. I forgot to set the JPEG quality when saving, and I couldn't get rid of the noise without redoing it from scratch. There shouldn't be any omissions in the pack, but do say if something is missing.

  • This package replaces the textures for the heavy knight, archer, the knight's shield, the crossbow and longbow and various knight insignias in Pirates, Vikings and Knights II.
  • The texture resolutions are the default sizes.
  • The package includes normal maps and phong shading where appropriate.

Original player model textures - PVKII team and Pest Modifications to player model textures - Sabre Sprites - Sabre Shield, flags and banners - Sabre


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