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Foreign Power: We Have It!
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-23 03:20:58
27 просмотров
  • Foreign Power: We Have It! Skin screenshot
  • Foreign Power: We Have It! Skin screenshot
  • Foreign Power: We Have It! Skin screenshot
  • Foreign Power: We Have It! Skin screenshot
  • Foreign Power: We Have It! Skin screenshot

"Foreign Power: We Have It!" Mod By encogen

Thread here - http://community.saintsrow.com/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=29761

Here at Foreign Power we understand what it means to have a dream.

Think you will never get to ride in Jessica's car outside that mission? Want to have fun slamming traffic with your shiny El Train? Dream of capturing a yellow Tornado? Well...

We Have It!

For a mere $[insert value here] you can get all this and much more! Come to Foreign Power, spend and leave in a vehicle of your dreams!

Marketing talk aside, this mod simply puts every vehicle in the game for sale at Foreign Power, including bikes, boats (buy it and it's in your garage, no need to cross the city) and yes, El Train (which is drivable). So far every vehicle is $10,000 (perhaps i'll change values to something more realistic, i don't know). It is meant for those who have completed the game and want to get a bit more fun out of it (considering there's no DLC for PC, it's DIY for us). It does include reward vehicles as well, therefore it is spoilerish and also extremely unfair. Use at your own risk.

Shop offers a long (and i mean long) list of versions, as seen from the screenshots, organized by categories (BIKES - CARS - HELIS - PLANES - BOATS - LULZ) and then alphabetically. There's a fair bit of rarities snd stuff not seen during regular gameplay, not limited to Jessica's ride and chrome UFO. And as you may have already guessed, it replaces the old poor "Magma - Attrazione - something" list. Bike and Boat shops remain the same.

Since the shop randomizes the colours for most of the vehicle variants, you can easily get the colour you want by switching back and forth between two vehicles. When previewing try to align them parallel to the FP building, as some of the items tend to go apesh*t due to collision.

Some variants are omitted (alas, you can't see any of their names in the list), namely "beater" (technically a blown up car, except it's just a darker texture without any dents or missing wheels), "bling" (a vehicle with randomly generated body mods/decals, i've left it for helis, planes and some boats, since you can't mod them) and "chop_shop" (a preset colour/mod scheme encountered during Chop Shop hunting).

Q: How to Rebuild/Install?

A: See here: http://wiki.stilwater.info/index.php/Getting_started For those who go with the second option, simply overwrite the patch_vpp.pc in your steam/steamapps/common/saints row 2 folder (don't forget to back it up beforehand).

Q: Are the vehicles stored in my garage after the purchase? A: Yes, most of them. If the vehicle does not appear, wait some time or simply blow it up to reset its "garage" state. Items from the "lulz" category can't be stored (El Train at least. Perhaps there is a workaround to fix that.)

Any feedback is appreciated. If you notice a bug (there definitely are some), or have an idea regarding the order of items - say it.

Huge thanks to gibbed for his tools.

There. Have fun. - encogen


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