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Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-22 17:46:21
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  • Build-A-Turret Skin screenshot
  • Build-A-Turret Skin screenshot
  • Build-A-Turret Skin screenshot
  • Build-A-Turret Skin screenshot
  • Build-A-Turret Skin screenshot

Ok. So someone requested I make a custom weapon that builds turrets like the TF2 engineer. Having never played or seen TF2, I used my imagination and the limitations of SMOD coding to come up with what I figured would be a cool way to build something.

So what have we got here?

We've got some "functional" animations and a world model. Pliers! They were free and not cliché. The animations were the best I could come up with for what I wanted it to look like. You swing the pliers and a turret is magically spawned in an impressive display of smoke and a shower of sparks. I wanted just sparks, but that wasn't available. Spawned turrets can be walked through (by you) even after picking them up with the gravity gun, so no need to worry about knocking over your own turrets. Unlike the headcrab and manhack, turrets are actually loyal to you for more reasons than "you made it" so they don't shoot your friends for a change.

Also, don't bitch about turret instability. I worked on this for hours trying to get the turrets to spawn without falling over. This is as good as it gets. It took me forever just to get them close enough to the ground. If they spawn in the air, they can fall over regardless of spawning upright!

One last note before the installation instructions. I cannot guarantee this will work in any SMOD redux version until I have confirmed whether or not the problems with the headcrab are user error. If you have done everything correctly and it still doesn't work, contact the author of your version of SMOD and ask him/her why. This works in vanilla SMOD. Doesn't do anything special. Should work everywhere else.

I included a sample smod_custom_explosive.txt (from SMOD 40a) which has no other edits than comments, the headcrab, and the turret. Install it manually into the scripts directory if you wish.

How To Install: 1) Extract to SMOD folder 2) Find weapon_custom99.txt (in scripts) and rename it to a slot you aren't using (1-30). 3) Edit the bucket position if you want/need to. Default is 5,18 (under bugbait). 4) Add the turret custom explosive (below) to the end of smod_custom_explosive.txt, but before the final bracket.

"turret" {
    //  Explosion spec
    "Damage"    "0"
    "Radius"    "0"
    //  Entity behavior
    "Model"     "models/gibs/manhack_gib01.mdl"
    "Bounce"    "0"         //  -1:never detonate
    "BoundingSound"     ""
    "Timer"     "0.5"
    "ExplosionType" "2"         //  0:none 1:fireball 2:pulse
    "TrailType" "0"         //  0:none 1:smoke 2:fire 3:beam
    "EntitySpawn" {
        "SpawnEntity"   "npc_f_turret_floor"        //  ClassName
        "SpawnCount"    "1"
        "ThrowType" "0"         //  0:Ring 1:Spherical
        "ThrowPower"    "0"
        "SpawnAngle"    "-90"           //  Ring type only

Credits: Animation base and models - Valve Anim edits and such - Markworth

Fun Fact: I'm out of custom slots so this is probably the last of these.


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