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Ghost´s AKS-74U
Добавил: Tiratore
2015-06-30 06:49:02
13 просмотров
  • Ghost´s AKS-74U Skin screenshot
  • Ghost´s AKS-74U Skin screenshot
  • Ghost´s AKS-74U Skin screenshot
  • Ghost´s AKS-74U Skin screenshot

Visual modifications:

  1. AK-47-style wood plates around the grip area
  2. MP5 fire regulator
  3. MP5 silencer when attached
  4. orange stripe on mag to somehow indicate that it uses AKS-74U non-standard ammo
  5. back and front end of the "internally integrated scope"
  6. modified G36 scope lens with a light green marks under the black dot to help aim in darker areas
  7. other minor modifications


  1. High accuracy, lower damage submachine gun
  2. Firing modes: single, 2, 3, and Auto
  3. Internally integrated scope -- not as powerful optics as on other add-on or fixed external scopes
  4. Uses commonly available 9x18mm (pistol) ammo
  5. Firing sound: added unique firing sound
  6. Suppressed sound: added unique suppressed sound

(Fictitious) story behind this mod:

A truly unique version of the AKS-74U is just collecting dust on Sidorovich's shelves. Priced down to 500 RU since Sidorovich doesn't have any idea about the uniqness of this gun. Retrofitted in Yantar Labs to accept common pistol ammo, improved on with some MP5 parts, recoil-reduction technology and small particles of a rare vision-enhancing artifect that enabled Yantar scientist to integrate a modified G36 micro digitalized scope within the rifle internals. Only slightly less damage-causing than its standard counterpart, but immensely more accurate. Supposedly it was enhanced for and given to Ghost just before his last mission.

Where to get it:

Ghost's AKS-74U can only be purchased at the first trader (sidorovich).


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