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Siro's Worn LR-300
Добавил: Tiratore
2015-06-17 11:04:35
6 просмотров
  • Siro's Worn LR-300 Skin screenshot
  • Siro's Worn LR-300 Skin screenshot
  • Siro's Worn LR-300 Skin screenshot
  • Siro's Worn LR-300 Skin screenshot
  • Siro's Worn LR-300 Skin screenshot

Readme now!

Siro's Realistic Worn LR-300


The LR-300 is a brand-new rifle made by ZM-Weapons as an improvement over the M-4 carbine. It has many new features, such as a folding stock effective recoil suppression system. I made this skin to look like a real LR-300, the ones that are being maufactured right now. The default GSC skin looks pretty bad, so I hope you enjoy this skin, and think that it resembles the LR-300 more than the default. This is a worn version that should seem less out of place in the Zone.

Note: I don't have any problems with people modifying my work or including it in a mod as long as no money is made. Just ask me for permission and be sure to put my name somewhere.


Unpack .rar file into your STALKER: SoC folder. Copy and paste the "gamedata" folder out of the mod folder into your STALKER: SoC folder. If you already have a gamedata folder, just overwrite, or paste the .dds file into your "wpn" folder inside the "textures" folder.

Any problems or mistakes, e-mail me at ratdent@hotmail.com

Enjoy and rate, please.

Another Note:

Please try out the actual skin in the game before rating. Sometimes the skin looks better/worse in the actual game than in the screenshots. My bloom and sun illumination settings are maxed out at the moment, so it's much brighter than it really is, and some parts may look different from what you get with the standard/modded settings.


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