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Добавил: Tiratore
2015-06-30 05:40:04
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  • beretta_new_texture Skin screenshot
  • beretta_new_texture Skin screenshot
  • beretta_new_texture Skin screenshot
  • beretta_new_texture Skin screenshot
  • beretta_new_texture Skin screenshot



This is my attempt at retexturing the STALKER beretta model from scratch (well almost,I ended up using some metallic texture for grinding effects).It has a few bad things that I couldn't fix or was too lazy to do,but it should be minor and isn't supposed to be so noticeable ingame.

There are two additional reskins (black or silver) that you can use over the original texture depending of your liking.Whatever texture you choose,it should work for all STALKER games (even Lost Alpha),as long as your game doesn't use a custom model for beretta.


Extract the archive somewhere in your hard-drive.Choose one of the three textures you want to use: -the default blue-ish texture is located in the "gamedata" folder -the black and silver reskins are located in the "optional" folder.Both textures have their respective subfolders,so you shouldn't be confused.

Once you decided wich texture you want to use,locate its respective "gamedata" folder,and put it in your STALKER main folder,if it asks to overwrite anything click "yes" (all STALKER game structures are the same,you can't go wrong here.)

If it is your first mod and if you're playing SOC/CS/COP,you may want to check a file called "fsgame" located in your main STALKER folder:open it with notepad,and search for a line that looks like this:

$game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$|

Change the line by replacing the "false" word by "true".Save the "fsgame" file and exit,now the texture should work fine (if you play LA,you may not need to do this).

That's it,it should work fine.


.original beretta model:G.S.C. Game World

.new texture:inf_cheese


No really fancy text here.Please don't upload this archive elsewhere with a different or without this readme file.If you want to modify it and upload it please send me a message and let me know about it first.Feel free to use it in your mod as long as you credit me (you don't need to ask fo my permission).


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