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Original Military STALKER Suit
Добавил: Tiratore
2015-06-17 11:06:33
11 просмотров
  • Original Military STALKER Suit Skin screenshot
  • Original Military STALKER Suit Skin screenshot
  • Original Military STALKER Suit Skin screenshot

Original Black Military STALKER Suit


This is the original Military STALKER suit seen in the PDA pictures in STALKER, as well as many screenshots before STALKER's release. The default version of this suit uses the ugly Western-style Merc gas-mask instead of the original air-filter and visor for the face. I figured out how to put the original version of this suit back into the SP of STALKER. Now your Military STALKER suit that you might find will be the black Commander's version, which is supposed ot be more modern and durable than the green Military STALKER soldier suit. The enemies will wear the green suit because the black one is more rare and expensive. I like this version much better than the default, as I hope you will.

NOTE: I did not make this skin or model. GSC made it. I just figured out a way to make it use the original texture and model in SP. Also, keep in mind that this suit replaces the Mercenary Military suit in MP, but...since that suit in MP uses the same exact model and the only differences in the textures are the arm-bands and merc logos, it will not disrupt anything.

I don't have any problem with people distributing this mod or including it in a mod compilation as long as no money is made and GSC and I are given credit.

Note: I know this is not exactly a skin. It didn't seem to fit into any other submission category.

Any problems or mistakes, e-mail me at ratdent@hotmail.com

Hope you enjoy.

Also, I will release a re-skinned version of this suit a bit later, since it seems this particular suit in STALKER is somewhat neglected when it comes to re-skinning.


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