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Philippine DPM STALKER Suit
Добавил: Tiratore
2015-06-30 07:28:03
11 просмотров
  • Philippine DPM STALKER Suit Skin screenshot
  • Philippine DPM STALKER Suit Skin screenshot
  • Philippine DPM STALKER Suit Skin screenshot

Philippine DPM STALKER Suit by Stanley B. Alcala a.k.a. Saint_Stan (anarcho_grunt@yahoo.com)

A little Question & Answer...

Q: WTF is this? A: A reskin of the original stalker model. It incorporates the Philippine Army 2000 Subdued DPM camouflage pattern.

Q: Why the fuck did you do this? A: I figured it would be cool to see a familiar scene of my home country in a video game. It's not much of a scene per se, but it should suffice. =D

Q: What other bollocks "feature(s)" did you include? A: I used Argus's Stalker Bump Maps; hence, I modified the shoulder-area patch because I'm too lazy to create new bump maps. =D IN THIS JUNCTION, I would like to make it a point that I DID NOT create the Bump Maps, it was all Argus, I just included it here for the purpose of consistency as to what you see in the screens.

Q: OMGz NuB!1 YU Suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11one A: That's not a question and is barely an acceptable statement. You sir, fail in life and deserve to be shot several times in the crotch at point-blank range.


  1. Extract the RAR file to the directory: (DRIVE):(DIRECTORY)\THQ\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl\gamedata\
  2. Overwrite if you have an existing skin.
  3. Thanks and Enjoy! =D


gunnersmate (@ http://caviteairsoft.proboards.com) - Camo Texture Argus - Bump Maps Google Adobe Photoshop CS3 God

Fun Facts:

*Adobe Photoshop CS3 was used in the creation of this skin. *It took approximately five hours of work to create this skin (including texture hunting, referencing, texture overhaul, recoloring, relighting, detailing, cleaning up, testing, and re-testing.)

Thanks for downloading and I hope you enjoy!

Feel free to give out constructive criticism/feedback/suggestions.


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