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Siro's Additional Weapons Pack
Добавил: Tiratore
2015-06-17 10:50:47
7 просмотров
  • Siro's Additional Weapons Pack Skin screenshot
  • Siro's Additional Weapons Pack Skin screenshot
  • Siro's Additional Weapons Pack Skin screenshot
  • Siro's Additional Weapons Pack Skin screenshot
  • Siro's Additional Weapons Pack Skin screenshot

Redits for original skins: GSC

Note: GSC have allowed the use of Beta/Alpha textures, so it is legal:

http://www.gsc-game.com/main.php? t=community&s=forums&s_game_type=xr&thm_page =9&thm_id=6394&page=3&sort=ASC&sec_id=16


These are additional skins that I removed from the original re-skin pack I made because I found out that using Beta textures is illegal unless given permission by the developer. In this case, I ofund out after I removed them, so I re-made them and tweaked them a little to look better.

  • Ak-74 is from Beta 2215, it was darkened and some parts were smoothed and fixed. It is similar to the Modern All-Black AK in the older but it looks more scratched and like it's been through rough times in the Zone.

-TOZ-34 was darkened and fixed a little to look better and more realistic, and so the metal looks less blue.

  • MP-5 is the 2215 texture, it has been darkened and made less shiny.

  • RPG-7 has been darkened, and is the better looking 2215 texture. The wood looks a lot better than the default STALKER one and the one in my first weapons pack.

  • Gauss rifle is better looking 2215 texture, and has been darkened. Hopefully it looks better than the default STALKER one.

  • SVD is 2215 texture. It has been darkened. It now has wooden grips and looks more like an old-fashioned SVD that most people recognize.

  • VOG grenades are 2215 texture, they have been darkened and touched up a little.

  • Walther P99 is the 2215 texture. It has been darkened a little, but still has a silver slide (not too shiny and bright) and the text on is much better than what I have put on the one in the first weapons pack, and it has the Walther logos on the slide.


Extract to your STALKER: SHadow of Chernobyl Folder, if you have one already, then copy the "textures" folder into the gamedata folder. If you already have the textures folder in gamedata, either copy "wpn" into textures, or copy all the textures oyu want to use into your wpn folder if you already have one.


Once again, I have no problems with people modifying these and including them in their own weapons pack, as long as GSC and I are given credit and no money is made.

Any problems or mistakes, contact me at ratdent@hotmail.com or dracosin@gmail.com


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