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Color Coded Turnips
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-10-01 19:08:14
8 просмотров
  • Color Coded Turnips Skin screenshot
  • Color Coded Turnips Skin screenshot
  • Color Coded Turnips Skin screenshot
  • Color Coded Turnips Skin screenshot

This mod changes the color of the turnips so that they are easier to spot for either playing as Peach or against her. It does not change damage or rarity of them so it is completley Wifi-safe!

There are two versions:
- The "Colored Faces" folder only has the faces colored
- The "Colored Turnips" folder has the whole turnip colored

Personally I prefer the entire turnips to be colored so you can immediately spot something but I can see how that may be a little much for some people, that is why there is a second more subtle version.

Is this completely necessary? No, because most people, especially if you play Peach, know what you pull immediately and pay attention to it. This is aimed more so at helping out the non-Peach players or those that may have problems spotting them.

The weakest turnips (grin, stare, closed eyes, surprised and happy) are all light blue. The next weakest: Happy is blue. Dot-Eyes, the second strongest is Purple and the dreaded Stitch-face is red.

If you are curious about the turnip damage, please read below:

  • Grin:      2~13.4%
  • Stare:     2~13.4%    
  • Closed Eyes:     2~13.4%
  • Surprised:     2~13.4%
  • Happy:     2~13.4%
  • Wink:     6~17.4%
  • Dot-Eyes:     12~23.4%
  • Stitch-Face:     23~34.4%

Turnips vary in damage based on how they are thrown and from what distance. All percentages shown are with her default turnip set, not Light or Heavy Veggie.

The last picture is showing how even though the colors appear "flat" on Delfino, it's only because of the lighting. On other stages, the colors aren't as flat.

Peach Texture is by TheHans460 and found here.
Dreamland Texture by Kurenai~ and found here.

Installation instructions are both on the Download page and the included Read Me file.


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