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Сайт: sip-game.su
Группа Vk: vk....
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Team Fortress 2

Kiyoshi's Medic Re-Animated FP Anims

Kiyoshi's Medic Re-Animated FP Anims
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-04-11 05:13:10
1 просмотр
  • Kiyoshi's Medic Re-Animated FP Anims Skin screenshot
  • Kiyoshi's Medic Re-Animated FP Anims Skin screenshot
  • Kiyoshi's Medic Re-Animated FP Anims Skin screenshot
  • Kiyoshi's Medic Re-Animated FP Anims Skin screenshot
  • Kiyoshi's Medic Re-Animated FP Anims Skin screenshot
  • Kiyoshi's Medic Re-Animated FP Anims Skin screenshot
  • Kiyoshi's Medic Re-Animated FP Anims Skin screenshot
  • Kiyoshi's Medic Re-Animated FP Anims Skin screenshot
  • Kiyoshi's Medic Re-Animated FP Anims Skin screenshot
  • Kiyoshi's Medic Re-Animated FP Anims Skin screenshot


Kiyoshi's Medic animations have been 'reanimated' to rise again! Kiyoshi told me he wasn't interested in fixing his own skins, and gave me his 3ds Max files for me to fix his animations. Keep in mind, he trashed these specific Medic animations for a reason. They're not totally up to par with his Demo/Soldier/Pyro animations, and he isn't happy with the style of these animations. I'm aware that these are very similar to Valve's, and were partially unfinished.

The changes I made with the files he gave me include:
  • The tyranny of Tough Break is over! Weapons no longer suffer from low quality, unusually quick draw animations.
  • Some weapons appear on screen faster, and are less snappy (purely cosmetic changes of course)
  • BRAND NEW inspection anims, which are some of my first animations in 3ds Max. This includes animations for the Medi-Gun, the Syringe Gun, and the Bonesaw.
  • Added other missing animations, of course
  • Kiyoshi's unreleased spell casting animations have been edited (there were too close to the screen) and added
  • Fixed weapon's armatures (bones flying all about and being in the wrong spot)
  • Edited swing animations (some are closer to the center of the screen while hitting, others are just a bit smoother)
  • Fixed issues with the Medi-Gun's 'fire' animations
  • Slightly adjusted origins/ref poses
  • Others (I can't remember everything)

What does this do?

This is a cosmetic skin that replaces the Medic's first person animations with new ones made by Kiyoshi. This in no way gives you any disadvantages or advantages. To my knowledge, Kiyoshi intended for this to be used in bpth 54 and 70. Which ever you please. It works almost perfectly with 70 out of the box, by itself. You're still best off with pairing this with the 70 fov fix though. The screenshots are in 54!

Other Info

I tried to make all edits to his animations objective improvements, and not just corresponding to my taste. In the end of the day, these are still his animations, and I didn't want to try and change that.

TF2's 'viewmodels' are buggy as all hell, and this cannot fix that. It's more broken offline though, with the draw anim freezing for a bit before actually transitioning into idle.

Like usual, the Grappling Hook uses Valve's animations, because custom GH anims wouldn't even be usable in Valve servers.

This is in a rar file because of the compression a rar file gives (it makes the download faster).


Not working? Chances are, your other skins overwriting this one.

Try renaming 'Kiyoshi's Medic Re-Animated FP Anims.VPK' to 'Kiyoshi's Medic Re-Animated FP Anims.VPK'.


- In order to use custom animations in valve and other sv_pure riddled servers, simply open up the console and type " map itemtest " without the quotes. Let it load, join the game, and pick any class. Now, just leave the server and join any server you want! It should work fine then, but keep in mind you will have to do this every time you boot up the game. If you don't know what the console is, just click the 'create a server' button or whatever it's called and load any map. It'll work fine, but itemtest loads the fastest.

Shameless Promotion

I have a group that exists to alert human beings that I'm uploading/updating a submission through Steam, or for me to ask you questions about what you'd like to see or what I should do next with anims. Kiyoshi doesn't have a group though, as he doesn't upload much. Please don't be upset with him for this.

I have a Medic Re-Animation of my own! Try them if you dislike these animations!


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