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Bonk! Atomic Bat Toy!
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-24 10:33:55
6 просмотров
  • Bonk! Atomic Bat Toy! Skin screenshot
  • Bonk! Atomic Bat Toy! Skin screenshot
  • Bonk! Atomic Bat Toy! Skin screenshot
  • Bonk! Atomic Bat Toy! Skin screenshot
  • Bonk! Atomic Bat Toy! Skin screenshot

Little Johnny is standing around his house when a strager appears in front of him and gives him a poster of directions. Hesitatingly, he makes his way to an abandoned alley, now filled with serveral people, all of which were given the same flier. The lights dim and a light shoots down and points to a freshly made stage.

"-Hello and how is everyone doing, Today i must show you all this one of a kind skin for scouts of all ages! Introducing the Bonk1 Atomic Bat Toy! -Let me now give you these question that will blow away the mind.

Are you a scout that loves and is adicted to Bonk! Atomic Punch! Don't you love its toy like color Don't you wish you could bonk someone over the head with bonk! atomic punch!?! well heres your chance!

- What's so great about it?

-Why sir, I'm glad you asked this! this Bat features:

Awesome new textures that look very close to Bonk! Atomic Punch This is a Pack! It contains 3 skins: Blue, Red, And Crit-a-Cola! Shiney ooohhh

-Now Don't you think that this skin is a one of a kind! -Of course! But is this approved by the makers of Bonk!... or even Mann Co.? -Well, unlike the idot who tryed to sell an illegal Saxton Hale Disapproved item, this one is 100% Saxton Hale approved!

A familiar shady figure emmerges from the backround and presses a bright red australian button...

Mann. Co.

-S...Sir? -Yes? -Well, its j..j..just that there's salesman... -And? -H..He's selling -Go on.. -ILLEGAL NON-SAXTON HALE APPROVED PRODUCTS! AND LYING THAT THEY ARE! -That no good little.. where is this "salesman" -In Australia showcasing it in a dark alley.

*He walks over to the window..

-You mean that alley right there? -Uhhh. Yeah that's the one -Well that salesman is an even bigger idiot than i thought. Comon Harold were going to jump out this window and into the alley! -It's Don sir.. and WHAT?!? -You heard me Frank!

-That's right folks its 100% Saxt...


Saton Hale: I thought you learned your lesson the first time! grabs sales person and rips his fake face off Next time, try not to sell in an alley right behind me!


A scout survived that hideous day with threee of these bat tucked nicely under his shoulder...

EDIT: Shoutout to SomeGuy for the better layout of my stroy telling plot, visit his gunslinger skin and my other skins


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