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Bottled Better Bonk (fixed)
Добавил: The DSystem
2016-01-23 07:13:55
7 просмотров
  • Bottled Better Bonk (fixed) Skin screenshot
  • Bottled Better Bonk (fixed) Skin screenshot
  • Bottled Better Bonk (fixed) Skin screenshot
  • Bottled Better Bonk (fixed) Skin screenshot

Notice: It is recommended to download and install my Better Energy Drinks too to insure consistency with the Bonk Helmet. I'm working on a Bottled version of the Bonk Helmet but I'm running in some compiling issues. (DAMN YOU SKINFAMILIES)

Update May 15 '10: (Again xD) Fixed lack of MipMaps on the Crit-A-Cola texture.

Update May 15 '10: Added a skinfamily for Crit-A-Cola and a new texture to correspond.

Update September 3 '09: (Again, lol) Fixed the archive, I switched two .rar files on accident. :X

Update September 3 '09: Fixed the archive, the model and sound files were missing.

I finally finished this. I kept delaying it.

Well... I am also known as one of the biggest procrastinators ever, so be glad you can have this.

This skin is a mixture of my Bottled Energy Drinks and my Better Bonk skins.

Not that many people liked the VeloX design and I figured that this would be the best thing I could do, since some liked my Better Bonk.

You won't need to download the original Bottled Energy Drinks, I have supplied all necessary files in the archive.

Features: -New model -Two recycled textures for both Red and Blu -Working skinfamilies -Removal of splash particle effect -Replacement sound matching draw without splash -Correct model orientation (decompile fix, usually untouched by new modders) -Menu images (I thought of you guys for once :D) -Fixed the VMT so the new Crit glow effect can be seen, expect my other skins to be updated for this.


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